List of songs recorded by U2

10 October 2018

In early March, the new album by U2 hit the stores and took everyone by storm.

This is the band’s first album since “Zooropa,” released in 1993. “Pop” is an upbeat and exciting album which contains music for every kind of music lover out there. Songs range from “Mofo,” one of the faster songs to “If You Wear That Red Dress, ” a slower song. If you like any kind of music, you will surely find a song to appreciate on this album.

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All the songs are worth playing over and over until you have them memorized backwards and forwards. The Irish quartet has released more than ten albums in the United States during their illustrious career, and this is as good, if not better, than every one of them. It is the perfect combination of Paul Hewson, Dave Evans, Larry Mullen Jr.

, and Adam Clayton. The fab four have combined all of their awesome talents on this album.”Pop” contains the finest display of musicianship I have ever experienced. I have to applaud all those responsible for putting it together. All the songs keep you glued to the stereo from start to finish.Even though they have not released an album since 1993, that does not mean they have lost their touch. This album is hard to rank compared to previous one – because all are so good.

If you do not like U2’s previous albums, I still recommend you run right out and purchase this. You will thank me later. Some might consider the previous statement a bit cocky, but trust me, you will LOVE “Pop.” .

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