According to the scientists, music are able to ease the stress and become more active. For Instance, listening a classical song will refresh whole the emotions. Moreover, it is also efficient to physical process of your body. Another advantage of music is inspiring passion. We will be optimistic and have full of energy to start the work. We can not begin a day with the tiredness or depression. Thus, music is considered the best way to inspire passion and creativeness. For example, we should listen to our favorite song before working. The elody of this song will excite your brain to produce bright Ideas and positive attitudes.

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Listening to music is the shortest way for widening your knowledge. The spiritual life of one community is obviously shown in the music. People might deeply understand culture of another country and the matter the society Is concerning through the lyrics of the song. We can easily connect with other people, other country despite the distance. In conclusion, music becomes common in human society especially the youth. In addition, habit of listening to music has expanded every where and every time. However, we should choose the kind of music and the songs hich are suitable for our ages, situations.

The life has no meaningful without the music. Therefore, we should enjoy music to make ourself better 2) Integrated task The professor discusses about the claim that the Chinese first reached the Americans not European explorers particularly Columbus. While the professor disagrees with the claim, the reading passage support this idea. The first reason the professor mentions Is the stone anchors off the coast of California. Despite the similar shape, these stone just was the copy that the American fisherman created. They also the person left them in California.

This disputes the reading passage which asserts that the Chinese mariners whose these stone was the first went to the area. The second reason given is the appearance of lighthouse. The similarity between the version of China and lighthouse in the town of Newport is made clear because this is the product of . This disproves the notion of the reading passage that the Chinese are the real owner of this lighthouse. The final reason is about the language. The profession argues that Native American languages is dfferent from Chinese. They directly contradicts the reading passage which stated that these languages had the interaction.

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