Listening to

3 March 2018

When am angry or upset like to listen to the song “In This River” by Black Label Society. It is a great mellow song to listen to when I am troubled, and helps me think.

It was also dedicated to Damage Darrel after his death. When I need a boost of energy I play the tune “Before I Forget” by Slipknot. The song to me means that you should be true to self, and remember your roots of where you came from, and the only one that matters is yourself. Punk rock is a type of music I breathe. It is a type of music that I cannot live without. Many punk rock songs reveal things of every day life.When wake up in the morning and take my shower have punk rock music in my CD player.

Listening to Essay Example

To me it makes my day way better. The tune preformed by Hollowware, “Ocean Avenue” has always been one of my favorites. To me the song is about a relationship that ended because someone moved far away to pursue his or her career. I like it because it is a great jam to liven up my morning. Another tune that has a catchy riff is “Nth Degree” by Mornings. They are a new band that many people haven’t heard about. The only reason I like this song is because it has a great beat, and a catchy tune.

There are a few songs that when I hear memories come back to me. Everybody has tunes that remind him or her of something. For me there are songs that bring back bad memories, and there are songs that bring back great memories that wish could relive. The song “Only One” by Hollowware brings back sad memories of having problems in a relationship, and the guy wanting to fix things because he really loves me, but left. Was too occupied with other things to care, and he just gave up and ended things with me. A popular tune that is by Knickknack, it is called “How You Remind Me.This song has meaning for me because when a bunch of my friends and I were hanging out, I called the radio station and had it dedicated to us.

So from this day on every time hear this song it will remind Of the good times. Have explained my favorite type of music, and tunes that remind me of good and bad memories. I am sure you have songs that have meaning to you and when you hear it, it induces a mood. Enjoy a variety of music in my life, and each song I hear, even if I have never heard it before, each song affects me a different way.

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