Literacy narrative

6 June 2017

Rough Journey “My name is Junie B. Jones. The ‘B’ stands for Beatrice. Except I don’t like Beatrice I Just like B and that’s all” this was the first sentence read in Barbara Parks First Grader at Last” Children’s Novel (pgl). My desire to read about this a non- fictional character increased with every book I opened about her crazy adventures. Junie played a huge part in my childhood imagination and memories with excitement from her books.

My mom actively was a literacy sponsor; she provided me with my first book that contained chapters instead of the standard enlarged text, filled with asic words, and many colorful pictures to help comprehend. Literacy Sponsors play important roles they nurture the first memory of peoples reading and writing skills and shape the writer people are and still are becoming, what shock I would learn that my mother would be that person too.

Literacy narrative Essay Example

In “Superman and Me” Alexie expresses “My father loved books, and since I loved my father with an aching devotion, I decided to love books as well” (pg363) this quote comes across my perception towards my mother who I would observe she had a burning passion to read and whenever given he opportunity she grabbed it. She would take us to the library and we check out books, she even helps me get a library card as motivation. The excitement of checking out any book I desired with no limit was a perk to owning a library card.

The car drive home with the street light we passed I would read what I could fit in till we got home. Two days maximum it would take me to read the whole book and I’d be back to bugging my mom to take me back. Soon as an incentive to always be good, she told me she would buy Junie B. Jones books and the books came raining in. Fortunately or my mother introduced me to novel books and constantly led me into choosing to read. Without her taking me to the library and giving me the resources to practice my reading, I would have not exceeded the expectation in the standardized test and reading scores we took.

I’d like to think because I read constantly when I was younger it set me up for success in English class, my grades were always A’s with exception of one B’s out of my English career. In Sponsors of literacy Brandt states “sponsors seem a fitting term for the fgure who turned up most typically in people’s memories f literacy learning”(335) reflects back to my mother and the shadow she has cast in my literacy, she has been my best friend and at times my worst enemy. She has provided me with the fundamentals in reading.

Family is the first people youVe known your whole life and they act as a sponsor with providing you that ride to the library, that library card or first novel. Over the years I missed the simplicity and clarity of the novels I had read growing up. Every year that passed the readings increased and became more challenging than before. The hardest time of my ophomore year was P-AP English, the work was tough and the way she graded didn’t help. She Just introduced us to Romeo and Juliet the Famous Love story between two stars crossed lovers.

I am a hopeless romantic but when we had to read on our own I found it difficult to understand what they said between them, but after butchering it up it was clear. A lot of poems were required mostly 3 times a week and ranged on my poems, (which wasn’t so easy). Compare to basic writing assignments I did a B average. From then on I enjoyed writing poems for pleasure and would carry a ournal filled with random thoughts and poems. Shortly after I moved schools and I came across my Junior teacher Mr. Favorrato, who Judged me because I moved from a pretty wealthy district to the poorest in San Antonio.

It’s when I truly found the battle to be a better writer, I found all the work he required hard and time consuming and refused to do it because I was afraid to fail. Gradually I couldn’t stand failing so I kept up with his demands and it was a struggled to find my way into short answers, thesis, and evidenced text. It made me relate to Anne Lamott when she expressed “we all ften feel like we are pulling teeth”(301) I never could make it perfect like two of the other girls he’d compared us about. He would even put you on the spot and make you feel less superior to him.

Which I as a person now suffer from people looking at my work for fear that it will never be good enough. I even have a panic attack if anybody reads or looks over my work in front of me for the fact that it won’t meet the expectations. Besides destroying my utterly little confidence I had, word had soon spread that I was pregnant and it was the end of Junior year and I passed with a B. He discouraged me from being in AP class especially English. I was incapable of taking care of my baby and do my AP homework, but told me not to give up in school.

Instead of being broken down I used the rage and enrolled into 3 AP classes and even took Pre-Cal in the summer so I could be place in the Calculus class. Senior year rolled around and my English teacher did nothing but encourage me in my writing, I had consistent A’s in English and average B’s in my other AP classes. I finished my classes and did more than fine; I used my teacher’s discouragement and found omething eternal to help my writing. From the years, my writing has improved a lot and in a way I had Mr.

Faworato to thank for the motivation for discouraging me. I got a little scholarship from one of my writings. I used writing my writing in history class and it really help apply for the free response questions we did. Since my younger years , from receiving my first book, to loving to write poems and growing strength in writing but not Just in English also in history. I have been blessed with sponsors who either supported me 100% or gave little hope towards my successes. Both gave me initiative to get better and have helped shape my writing and reading today.

Reflecting on literacy experiences is important because every writer has to know where they start and use the strongest and weakest times in there literacy history to improve as a writer. It’s how you use their actions towards your literacy history that will open many possibilities. Brandt, Deborah. “Sponsors of literacy. ” College composition and communication 49. 2 (1998):165-85. Rpt in writing about writing. Ed. Elizabeth Wardle and Doug downs. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2011. 331-52. Print Alexie, Sherman.

The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me” The most Wonderful Books: Writers on the discovering the pleasure of reading. Minneapolis: Milkweed editions,1997. 3-6. Rpt in writing about writing. Ed. Elizabeth Wardle and Doug Downs. Boston:Bedford/ St. Mastin’s,2011. 331-52. Print Lamott, Anne. “Shitty First Drafts” Bird by Bird: Some instructions on Writing and life. New York: Anchor, 1994. 21-27. rpt. writing about writing. Ed. Elizabeth Wardle and Doug Downs. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2011. 331-52. print Park , Barbara. First Grader at Last . Rpt. Random house children’s book. 2002

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