Literary Production Essay Sample

9 September 2017

1. How does social status affects in the past and present literary production?

Literature is a mirror by which social status is reflected. This means that literary reproduction is frequently determined by the events that affect the lives of the people or the author himself. For case. if we are traveling to follow the development of Philippine Literature. we will be able to raise up the shade of the vanished centuries long before the coming of the Spaniards. During this period. literary production attained slow growing. We can by and large deduce that unwritten traditional knowledge is the get downing point of our literary heritage. Though. Alibata – the old Filipino alphabet is already known during this epoch. the production is really limited to Hagiographas on dried foliages. bamboo. or bark of a tree which aside from the fact that they were burned by the Spanish coloniser. they are frequently said to be perishable which could non last the trial of clip.

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Therefore during this epoch. literature flourished through word of oral cavity. The slow growing of literary production prevailed non until the concerned literary masterminds are born and earnestly compiled them as important and immortal heritage. These. happened along with the debut of documents and publishing imperativeness where literary production gained stature and skyrocketed to a looming tallness.

The industrialisation of the society which was brought by the colonisers became an elixir of involvement in Hagiographas. New types of Literature were produced such as. but non limited to. essays which normally appeared in periodicals. novels such as Noli Me Tangere and the El Filibusterismo and other genre. In short. economic status of the society affects literary production. It is apparent in transmutation from unwritten tradition. so to Hagiographas on perishable stuffs and finally the debut of ink. documents and publishing imperativeness.

Consequently. political conditions of the society can besides be a deciding factor for literary production. In the past centuries the content of the literature is influence by the church. Hagiographas were spiritual in tone. It shifted into patriotism and nationalism spearheaded by the propagandist. Then. with the coming of American coloniser. the thought of liberalism and democracy were introduced In the modern epoch. literary production attains even more amazing tallness with the constitution of mills of intellect – colleges and universities. where Filipino rational giants are continuously produced. They are the assets of Filipino literature. Therefore. Hagiographas in different Fieldss are unabatedly booming to portray the society.

2. What is the literary position in footings of clip and topic of literary work?

Literary positions in footings of clip and capable can be farther define as the focal point or subject of a certain authorship with regard to when the piece was written and how its clip frame or the historical background affected the chief concern of the literature. These are really one of the critical attacks in the survey of literature. It is a general impression that historical backgrounds of the society or the biographical background of the writer influence the topic of a piece. It is indispensable to look into and critically analyse the history for it will function as the key to understand and measure the piece o literature. Much in the same manner is the critical analysis of the hints of the life of the writer for it has a important consequence on the subject construction and presentation of his Hagiographas. To clearly exemplify this impression let us see the verse form “When I see a Barong-Barong” by Maximo Ramos ( 1946 ) . “When I see a Barong-Barong vicinity

In the bosom of war-worn Manila”

Here the word barong-barong significantly portrays the racial background of Ramos. It is a common symbol of a Filipino who still proudly standing after the Filipino-American War which he expressed on the 2nd line “war-torn Manila” . It is certain that Ramos was able to portray in his verse form the state of affairs of the Filipinos during the period where they gained freedom after about a half 1000s old ages of bondage under the colonisers. We can notice here how the clip frame is notable in each piece of literature. The topic may change depending on the events that captured the emotion and mind of the author. This position of literary position is normally known as Historical-Biographical Approach.

3. What make a author in a certain literary period produce a literary piece

As clearly stated by Kahayon and Zulueta. man’s ideas and emotions that are coached in a beautiful linguistic communication is literature. In other words. literature is a agency of showing the writer’s bosom and head. His feelings. aspirations. grieve. love. sentiments and others are best highlighted through literature.

For case. literary focal point shifted from a spiritual tone toward nationalism and patriotism. This is known as the period of enlightenment. Distinct authors during the period like Jose Rizal. Andres Bonifacio. Apolinario Mabini. Emilio Jacinto. Jose Palma and others express their sentiments and aspirations for freedom through Hagiographas which finally enrich the chauvinistic behaviour of our Filipino companions who courageously fought against the 300-year-slavery under foreign vanquishers. The barbarian Spanish business intensifies the strong will of the propagandist and revolutionists to revolt against the dynamic force.

Rizal’s “My Last Farewell” expresses his heartache for his homeland and his willingness to swamp it with his ain blood – his most admirable heroic title – to resuscitate its people and recover the freedom.

Similarly Andress Bonifacio – the male parent of Filipino democracy wrote “Pag-Ibig Sa Tinubuang Lupa” which expresses his greatest love for our homeland which paved the manner for revolution. In short authors are able to compose literary piece in a certain period as their response to his mundane attempts to populate. to be happy in his environment and finally after arduous or bloody battle for freedom and the felicity to make his Devine Creator. Just like what Rizal said: “For I go where no slave before the oppressor decompression sicknesss

Where religion can ne’er kill. and God reigns o’er on high”

4. How does a literary merchandise helps determine society? Give specific illustration.

Literature is powerful. It has the ability to touch one’s life. transform the society from one status to another and finally determine the full society. It can redefine civilization and traditions and Polish political state of affairss. It can surprisingly resuscitate the disregarded centuries and immortalize people. topographic points and events.

The Filipino people. before the coming of the Spaniards were believed to be the retainer of nature. They worship trees. rocks. H2O. Sun and anitos. Their faith is animalistic in nature. However. when the Spaniards set pes on the Philippine shore. the world’s sacred Hagiographas – the Holy Bible spread in the archipelago and educate our sires and accordingly the modern coevals. It redefines our belief. behaviour. civilization and traditions. It becomes a tool for the enlightenment of the society and brings order in every establishment.

Literature has the ability to smooth political state of affairs. Harriet Beecher Stowe of the US vividly convey the sad destiny of slaves in his “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” which became the footing of democracy. He emphasized that black American should hold equal rights with the Whites. His chef-d’oeuvre badly criticized the racial favoritism which in due class led to the acknowledgment of the rights of the black American.

In the Philippines. the Hagiographas of the propagandist and revolutionists assuage the agonies of the Filipinos. The Noli Me Tangere exposed the immoralities of the Spaniard and the sham and hungry-wolves-like Spanish mendicants. It heightens the patriotism.

Finally. literature as a great ocean of idea that is piled from the vanished centuries immortalized the characters of Plato. Aristotle. St. Thomas Aquinas and other great Philosopher who molded the morality. virtuousness and ethical criterion of the society.

5. How does a piece of literary merchandise aid you mold you life?

Literature is an indispensable facet of my life as a pupil of Teacher Education Program. This is a feasible tool in confronting the complexnesss of the challenges of Teaching. Through reading different literary plants from around the universe such as English and American. Afro-asian and other celebrated literature I was able to indulge in the profusion of our 2nd linguistic communication. It laid the foundation of strong homo being which is critical as I enter the universe of Teaching. It gives me a full appreciation of why Teaching is the noblest profession. I appreciate my calling to a great extent which more than words can show. Reading patiently from the plants of celebrated authors of different coevalss enables me to see life vicariously. therefore widening the skyline in following the small rivulets of world which help me in my ocean trip to a great ocean of idea.

I admire the Hagiographas of our Filipino companion. for they instill great values of being a Filipino – a distinguishable race among the remainder in the universe.
It might be bromidic to state but I am proud to show that through the Hagiographas of Rizal. Bonifacio. Santos. Palma and other Filipino authors – I am a Filipino. Most of all – what I love among the world’s chef-d’oeuvres which I am fighting to understand with the counsel of the Devine Providence – The Holy Bible. This is the sacred Hagiographas which I can turn to in any minute of my life. The sort of literature that we read specify our character. They say: “Tell me who your friends and I will state you who you are. ” I say: “Tell me what you read and I will state you who you are. ”

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