Little baby blue

12 December 2018

“I was so happy to have another bundle of joy to join our family”; she couldn’t have been any happier knowing she had a gift growing inside of her. She sat day in and day out thinking of names, what the room would look like, and what kind of clothes the baby would wear. However, what she didn’t know was she wouldn’t have that incredible feeling much longer.

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It was a beautiful crisp morning as she sat outside and spoke to god, the mist fell silently on her pale white skin, and she became chilled. In the distance the woodpeckers chipped away to their delightful destiny. What seemed to be a good day turned ugly when her boyfriend came home drunk and out of control. He began throwing dishes around and breaking cups. His screaming was like nails on a chalkboard and she didn’t know what to do besides take his harsh words and beating.
He got aggressive and grabbed her arms and threw her into the old door jam entering the kitchen. She felt her back crack and her piercing brown eyes roll to the back of her head and she recalls falling on the cold concrete floor. He kicked her in the stomach and as he walked away he turned around and spat on her. She knew something was wrong but she just let it be.

The next morning as she got up for work she couldn’t stop thinking about the night before, she put all that a-side and piled on her makeup to cover what he did to her. Her day progressed slowly, and she found herself doubled over in deafening pain. She tried to play out like nothing was wrong, but she knew this was not normal. She was rushed to the emergency room, as she waited for the doctor. She remembered reading in her pregnancy magazines that what she was going through could mean labor or a miscarriage, but she tried keeping her cool.
She recalled the doctor telling her she was having a miscarriage and that she had a severe infection on her uterus due to the damage that her boyfriend caused. Her body went weak, the florescent lights were spinning around like helicopter blades, and she fell to the floor. When she awoke the doctor told her she was lucky to have come in. He said, she would have died that night due to the loss of blood and the severity of the infection. She praises god that she’s alive.

This woman is my mother and she suffered a miscarriage due to my father throwing her into the door jam and beating her. She left him and got the help she needed through Christ, she had my brother to focus on and get her mind off of the miscarriage, “I have five beautiful, amazing children and I couldn’t be any happier.” “It feel so good to know that the baby was sent to be God’s little angel up in heaven.”

My mother still thinks about what life would be like if that baby would have been born, but then looks at what she has today and thanks the lord. My mother is now happily married to her third husband and living her dream out on the farm with her children. “Recovery is a hard process, but when you have your family there to help you get through it, it goes by so much faster.”

Going from a loving caring relationship in which she thought she was loved for her personality and beauty turned to being used for a baby maker and a punching bag. These consequences ended a hopeless little life that could have made a difference in this big cruel world. In the end, she became a strong woman who overcame a powerful loss, and she survived the cruel beatings that left her body limp and defeated.

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