Little Brother

6 June 2017

Analytical Essay- Little Brother Power Corrupts Decisions taken by entities of higher power, only cause panic and uneasiness between the people affected. In Cory Doctorow’s novel, Little Brother, the government does not approve of those who decide to defy control and think for themselves. The actions taken by the DHS after the Bay Bridge bombing create feelings of terror amongst the citizens of San Francisco. Over the course of the story, the DHS takes precautionary measures that contribute to the mental trauma of the citizens.

To begin with, Marcus is feeling nsafe in the place he considered his safe-spot, this develops a serious case of paranoia and, causing doubt in his mind. When Marcus is released from capture he thinks to himself, “There wasn’t a camera in my room-not one I could detect, anyway. There might have been audio bugs, of course. Or better cameras. Or nothing at all. Can you blame me for feeling paranoid? ” (Doctorow 85). The DHS brought on a new sense of paranoia Marcus has never felt, and this is affecting his mental state, and he no longer feels safe comfortable in the place he always called hisconsidered safe- spot.

Little Brother Essay Example

Furthermore, the dignities of those who are respected get stripped away shamefully and publicly. Furthermore, the dignities of the citizens get stripped away shamefully and publicly. Marcus watches online as, “The DHS hog-tied the general, strapping him at the ankles and wrists…. Passing pedestrians looked at this guy in his uniform getting tied up, and you could see from his face that this was the worst part, this was the ritual humiliation, the removal of dignity. ” (226).

It is ironic and unsettling for citizens to watch a man in charge of keeping peace attacked and have is dignity removed, by the organization that is supposed to keep people them safe. Finally, the government destroys weakens the self-confidencemental state inof all those who have been captured. Once Barbara gets the guards to open the cell they see Darryl, “He had shredded his paper hospital gown. He was curled up, naked, in the back of the cell, shielding himself from the camera and our stares, I ran to him…. He trembled and squeezed his eyes shut. (352). After being abused for many weeks, Darryl is broken inside as well as on the outside, he will forever remember all the hardships that he went through. Rather than the precautionary decisions helping the mental state of the citizens, they the DHS disturb the peace of the people. Along with mental trauma, the DHS is also the cause of physical trauma inflicted upon the citizens. First, the DHS are is causing terror and physical pain amongst their own people by using harmful chemicals in order to prove their point.

At the concert in Dolores Park, the DHS decides to show up, “Pepper spray. Not a hundred thousand Scovilles. A million and a half. Theyd gassed the crowd. I didn’t see what happened next, but I heard it…. First the choking retching sounds…. Then coughing. Then screaming. The screaming went on for a long time. ” (195-196). Rather than handling chemicals that cause panic as well as pain on the crowd of all ages. Next, people in respected positions that stand up for their rights are getting physically injured and abused by those who want to keep the country safe.

Marcus watched helplessly as, “The DHS guy ran after the general…. three of the giant DHS guards slammed into him, knocking him sideways, then catching him at the middle, like a career-ending football tackle. The general…. went down like a sack of potatoes and bounced twice, is face slamming off the sidewalk and blood starting out of his nose. ” (225-226). Despite the fact that the general is in a respected position, his own people dishonourdishonor him, this video and his scars will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Last, the DHS does not care about the peoplespeople’s health, they will do anything to get what they want, including different types of physical torture. Marcus is held in captivity and tortured by the DHS again, “Her voice reeled me in. You get struck down like this, and we pour water over your head, up your nose and down your mouth. You can’t suppress the gag reflex. They call it a simulated execution, and from I can tell from this side of the room, that’s a fair assessment. You won’t be able to fght the feeling that you’re dying. ‘….

That was it, real torture. ” (344). The cruel treatment that Marcus has been given without authorization, displays that the DHS does not care about breaking laws and have gotten out of control by putting actions such as attempt of murder under the name of ‘safety. The way the DHS handles situations with physical torture, creates panic as well as trauma. The treatment given from the DHS to the citizens of San Francisco have all been xperiences where entities whothat work under the name of safety have created terror and havoc amidst their citizens.

As displayed through many cases of paranoia throughout the story, the DHS has no care for the mental trauma that their citizens have been put through. The abusive physical treatment given to those who oppose the DHS in a calm way, display that the DHS will do whatever they can to get information out of innocent citizens no matter what their physical conditions. The decisions carried out by the DHS government to help stop terror create more physical and mental trauma than stopping panic.

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