Live and Remember

4 April 2015
An analysis of Valentin Rasputin’s novel Live and Remember.

The paper introduces Russian writer, Valentin Rasputin and his success in Russian literature. It analyzes his book, Live and Remember – considered as one of the most significant works of the post-Stalin, pre-glasnost era. The paper discusses the plot and the major themes of the book.
Live and Remember may appear to some as a visionary text. Indeed the author’s convictions have been portrayed with such strength that it is easy to believe Valentin Rasputin is outlining a sequence of developments that is not inevitable. Thus, this book is not a theory of history or of world war. It is however, an analysis of the sort of institutions that might develop in an environment where the individual is bound to give priorities and values to those that he does not wish to or as free to choose and thus, demonstrating tendencies, not immutable consequences.

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