Live At The Acropolis

8 August 2019

If you are a new age music fan, a classical music fan, or even if you just like the sound of orchestral instruments like the piano, violin, and the drums, like me, you will enjoy Yanni’s music. This music is unmatched and unique sounding because of the interesting combination of instruments. Besides the traditional orchestra, drums, bass guitar and synthesizers are added. This produces a gripping, full sound. There is also an extra, special effect made by the synthesizers.

The setting of this performance also has influence over the effect of the music on you. In this album, Yanni has returned to his native country of Greece to perform. In every song, you can hear a mystical echo. This is the effect the Acropolis has over the music.

The songs are all brilliantly written. All parts of the “revised” orchestra seem to flow together. Almost all of the main themes are played on a piano by Yanni, and are accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.

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Also, if you happen to play an instrument like the piano (like me), you can really get into the melodic flow of some of the songs. You can also appreciate Yanni’s wonderful talent. He writes all of the music on all of his CDs.

If you need a musical change, try this out. There are loud, booming songs and songs that can put you to sleep. And even if you don’t like this one, there are many other Yanni albums to choose from.You may be surprised!! .

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