Live At The Orpheum

9 September 2019

Living Colour, called by some the greatest rock band of 1989, recently released their second album entitled “Times Up,” and wasted no time going tour to show off their new stuff. Living Colour stormed into the Orpheum in Boston on December 6th and gave an incredible performance to the sold-out crowd. Opening their show with “New Jack Theme,” the crowd more than welcomed the hard-driving new material. The band kept the crowd going by playing tunes from their first album “Vivid,” such as “Desperate People,” “Open Letter,” and, of course, “Cult of Personality” for their encore. Highlights included “Pride,” “Type,” “Love Rears Its Ugly Head,” and “Fight The Fight,” a song dedicated to the release of Nelson Mandela. Other songs performed were “Talkin’ ABout A Revolution,” originally done by Tracy Chapman, and “Amazing Grace,” dedicated to the current racial violence involving the Charles Stuart case. Last year Living Colour opened up for the Rolling Stones while the Stones were on their North American Tour. Then they did not put on a great show, because Living Colour is not a large stadium group, but rather a small club band. This time they did not let their fans down and put on an explosively dynamic show. On the whole, Living Colour gave the crowd exactly what they wanted, if not more. The opening band, “Atom Said,” even gave the crowd a surprising shock. Living Colour’s intense energy kept everyone on their feet throughout the entire show. You can bet that when Living Colour returns, they will receive another warm welcome from their Boston fans.

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