Live Concert Paper

12 December 2017

I went to the B. B Kings Restaurant and Blues club in downtown Nashville. From five dock to nine o’clock at night, Carl Stewart Band played. Then from nine o’clock to one o’clock in the morning the B. B King all-stars played. I did not stay that late though.

The Carl Stewart Band was mainly blues with a little bit of light rock. They had acoustic guitars, electric guitar, drums and a few more instruments.All of their songs seemed to have related to life and the things everyday people deal with. Carl Stewart is the singer, songwriter, and guitar player. Archie Gainer is the lead guitar player. Dan Patellae plays the drums. Lastly, Rob Shinto is in charge of the base.

It was hard to hear due to all of the people partying, but a few songs that I caught the names of are Initiation, Finally Over, and Look at You. I do not typically like this kind of music, but I really liked their performance.They all played ‘ere well together and I liked the lyrics of their songs. B. B King All-stars were also very good for this particular genre of music. Although, it was getting late and crowed so I did not stay too long. I could barely hear due to all of the craziness.

I heard them play Born Under a Bad Sign, Stand By Me, and Hard to Handle. There are four men In the band. The lead singer is very energetic. In 1951, a young blues guitarist named Riley King had his first hit song “3 o’clock Blues.

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