Live Through This by Hole

6 June 2019

Sometimes, Albums just stick with you the first time you hear them, You Listen to them constantly. You learn all the information and history about the album. You learn every verse, every lyric. The album becomes part of your life. Kinda like your soundtrack. But usually, this only happens once in a lifetime.

Well, it happened. For me anyway, Live Through This is the soundtrack to my life. It’s the kind of album you buy at record stores, Its the kind of album that you make your friends listen too, The kind that you play in your car when your driving. Its flawless.

Courtney Love’s songwriting is poetry,you can honestly tell that so much went into the album. There is so much passion, and emotion in this album. Courtney Love has a way with words.

Live Through This, is Hole’s second studio album, being released only four days after Courtney’s Late Husband ( Kurt Cobain) death. And even with all that heartache going on,Live Through This Received great critical praise, Spin magazine gave the album its greatest praise, naming it #1 on their 20 greatest albums of 1994.

This album is a showcase of beautiful lyrics, guitar riffs and drum beats. It’s like a look into The mind of the Queen of Grunge. Courtney Love has had her troubles, and her mistakes.
( Haven’t we all though?)But this Album inst one of them.

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