Lived and Learned

2 February 2019

“Please blow into the plastic tube until I say stop,” the police officer said. An under age drinking ticket at age 16 is not something I’m proud of. I have never been in trouble with the law before and what could I have done… try to make an escape?

I considered running. I had the chance, but I didn’t. Instead, I owned up to law, looked down at the plastic tube of justice and blew my immaturity out.

Lived and Learned Essay Example

I will admit I was scared, uncontrollable shaking scared. Worries crossed my mind, going back and forth. I wish I would have run, I thought to myself. But this was the first time I took responsibility for my actions.

I was a rookie at owing up to my mistakes my whole life. Always trying to find the easy way out, I never realized the day would come.

This time I had to be a mature, moral human being and face the two scariest people in my life: MY PARENTS! I told them everything that happened. First, I told them I lied to them about going to a friends house, and that I went to party instead and got a drinking ticket. Surprisingly, their reactions were not of anger. Instead, they were disappointed. Could I blame them? I lied, snuck out, went to a party, and got a ticket.

I had sunk to new low after reviewing my actions. All I could think about is how destructive this childish act was. My parents grounded me for a month during SUMMER VACATION and were never more disappointed in me. The law gave me 30 hours of community service. At school, I was suspended for one third of my volleyball games.

As the punishments stacked up, I began to question this immature act. Was it worth it? My parent’s eyes, would obviously say no. But honestly, I would say yes. I learned from this experience. Yes, it was worth it. This incident truly made me the responsible and honest person I am. If it weren’t for the cops, my parents, the judge, and my peers, I would still be a coward. Finally, I held my ground when the walls were closing on me. Finally I didn’t choke up and lie my way out. Finally I grew up.

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