Living a Purpose-Driven Life

7 July 2016

I understand that being successful in life means “to live life on purpose. ” For me to live life with a specific purpose in mind, I must determine my values and set practical short and long-term goals. For me, family, money, and independence are most important. Because I know my weaknesses and am very familiar with some of the challenges ahead, I will create a plan to overcome them and successfully live with a purpose. Long- and Short-Term Goals To create my master plan for a purpose driven life, I must set attainable and measurable short and long-term goals.

For example, I know that supporting a family or simply being self-sufficient requires money. In today’s world, a family of four can comfortably live off of approximately $50,000 a year. Therefore, one of my long-term goals is to make $50,000 or more a year. However, most companies hire people with experience as well as an education. Therefore, in the meanwhile, I must keep my job at Bi-Lo and look for internship opportunities in the field of my choice. Another one of my long-term goals is to purchase my first new car. Living in the country has taught me the importance of accessible and dependable transportation.

Living a Purpose-Driven Life Essay Example

Though some used vehicles can be very dependable, new cars can provide a level of convenience, safety, and comfort that older model vehicles do not. Without dependable transportation, retaining a profitable career will be very difficult. In addition, it will be difficult to transport family members around town on a bus. Still, I will need a sizable down payment on a new vehicle to make the monthly payments low enough to fit my budget. Consequently, I want to save at least $10,000 in the next ten years to buy the new car. Finally, neither of the first two long-term goals are achievable (in my opinion) without an education.

Consequently, I need to at least obtain an Associates’ Degree. Without a college degree in a career that enables me to obtain a $50,000 a year income/salary, I will not be able to afford a family or a new car. Therefore, I must keep my scholarship to pay for school. This will allow me to save my money while attending school and save even more money once I graduate and find a career. Keeping my scholarship means passing with at least a 3. 0 GPA. This means I must study for test and complete assignments by the due date in every class. The Plan

Going to school, working 3 – 4 days a week, and being responsible at home can be overwhelming. The lack of time and energy, my tendency to procrastinate, and a long-lasting battle with my personal disabilities have certainly posed problems for me in the past. Sometimes, I am so swamped with other responsibilities that it never seems to be enough time to complete all tasks. When I have the time, I may not have the energy. It can be difficult to concentrate on an assignment late at night. In addition, I am a procrastinator by nature. I tend to wait until the last minute to even review an assignment.

Further, I have trouble comprehending what I read immediately. It may take reading the same paragraph a couple times before I completely understand major points. This can be very time consuming. However, all three challenges pose serious problems for me keeping my 3. 0 GPA and graduating with honors. There are at many techniques and strategies I found that may be useful in studying for test, completing projects, and working in a group setting. Because of my reading comprehension issues, there is one technique I think will help me the most.

The technique is called “Getting Things Done” or GTD. This process helps me manage several tasks simultaneously and prioritize them according to their level of importance. The process keeps me from feeling overwhelmed with work to do. The techniques forces me to make decisions and take some sort of immediate action, which pushes the task toward completion. It seems the technique will address time management, procrastination, and take away some of the stress I feel from not being able to completely understand an assignment or reading material.

Though the GTD technique will help with some of the issues I have, it will not eliminate the need for help from other resources or support persons. For example, I may still need assistance from the professor in clarifying his or her requests. I must be willing to ask him or her for help. Another person who can help me reach my goals is my academic counselor. He can give me insight on expectations and requirements of present and future classes within my curriculum. My mother is very supportive of me, and she graduated from college recently with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business.

She can review and help edit my work. Conclusion My family cannot afford to pay for my education. That’s why it is vital to keep my scholarship if I plan to receive a good paying job. To keep a 3. 0 GPA and reach my goal of obtaining a college degree, I must overcome many obstacles and challenges. Going to school, working four days a week, and being a responsible family member can be difficult. However, using motivational strategies, new study techniques, and acquiring a true sense of determination and focus will certainly make the road to success much easier.

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