Living and Dying with Type II Diabetes

4 April 2015
In depth explanation of the disease and a description of the lives of diabetics.

This paper discusses extensively the implications of Type II diabetes. The author examines the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of the disease. The author makes use of concrete examples from several sources as well as personal accounts of the phenomenon. A thorough description of the life of a diabetic.
“Millions of people have diabetes, but many of them don’t realize it. Diabetes has been known as one of those diseases that sneaks up on you in a sense. While diabetes is a hereditary disease, many people find out that they have it after going to the doctor’s office. Type II diabetes while common, only strikes in the older generation, younger people are more likely to have Type I diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that I would like to be more familiar with because it has run in my family for generations. My Great Grandmother had the disease, my Grandfathers from both sides, and right now my father is dealing with it. Over twelve million Americans have the disease, which is one out of every twenty people. And every year, more than two million people have to go into the hospital because of problems related to diabetes.”
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