Living in a big city or small town

8 August 2016

Some people prefer to live in a small town whilst others prefer to live in a big city. Which place would I prefer to live in? Living in big cities or small towns both have advantages and disadvantages to their location. People’s living preferences vary for many reasons such as age, profession and interests. Convenience is one of the most beneficial factors to living in a big city. Larger cities are more industrial and advanced and everything can be found with the least effort and time.

Big cities also usually have better schools and universities than a small town. This gives people a better chance at a higher and more rounded education that can prepare them for the workplace, large cities have more opportunities specially when it comes to careers as you are more likely to find higher paying jobs so consequently live a more comfortable lifestyle. The big cities also offer a multicultural aspect compared to small towns, you will find people from all over the globe that have come to big cities and open restaurants and shops.

Living in a big city or small town Essay Example

Some people think big cities are full of facilities and opportunities and then there are other people that think it’s full of stressed and angry people who are always in a rush. A lot of young adults generally prefer to live in a big city as there is more to do, more shops, bars, restaurants, theatres and museums especially if they have grown up in a smaller town, after all, big cities never sleep. However, there are some values in a small town that are just as or even more important and more difficult to achieve in a big city such as nature and the warmth and comfort of humanity.

The quality of life is easier and less expensive. If you want to live in one you must sacrifice the other, live in a calm and quiet and pollution free environment or the busy, entertaining and never sleeping city? I, personally, like living in a smaller town somewhere not too far from a larger city so I can have if and when I want the best of both worlds. In a small town everyone really does know your name, in fact, everyone knows everyone. It’s nice living so close to people and knowing people.

They generally cultivate a tight sense of community where everybody is at the ready to help each other out in good and bad situations. There is a character and an atmosphere and a charm that develops when the neighborhood is small enough to be that close and intimate and really know each other and although you sometimes feel like you have no private life there is also something nice about knowing that you have friends, or even just acquaintances, that know what’s going on.

There is no need to talk about it or ask for help, but you have it, even if sometimes you don’t ask or want it. When someone becomes ill the entire community quickly jumps to lend a helping hand, when someone dies the whole neighborhood grieves together and when someone new moves into town they are quickly welcomed with open arms. Much of a community’s social life is not really visible to outsiders at all. To see what goes on and what people in small towns do for fun you must look at the organizations and social groups that arrange activities within the community.

These activities will usually take place in the churches, in private homes and particularly in the schools. There is no better feeling than knowing you are not alone, you can walk down the street and immediately get pulled into a conversation no matter how long you’ve been gone. Your neighbors are more than just neighbors but close friends. You can really get back to nature, it’s quiet and magnificent surroundings and a healthy environment because there’s none of that hustle and bustle.

There are fewer vehicles on the streets, no cars zooming up and down on the busy roads or long lineups of traffic which automatically leads to less pollution and healthier lifestyles. There are lots of trees and flowers and green space, plenty of parks and playgrounds to enjoy with your children, a beautiful peace and quiet, you are relaxed and it all contributes to a person’s inner happiness. There are less people crowding the streets, fewer tourists so generally smaller towns are cleaner.

The beauty of any village rests on its natural attractions, a well-kept, clean, neat place with beautiful houses and gardens. You will enjoy the simpler things in life, like a walk in the park or down by the waterfront, looking up into the sky at night and actually being able to see the stars, hear the leaves blow in the wind and share the beauty of nature with its wildlife instead of just closing yourself indoors in front of some big screen TV or a computer.

I think that you are healthier all around because you eat better, not having take away food on speed dial for every night inspires you to cook at home, and you are more active being able to do so many outdoor activities and sports. Being, almost, free of crime is also a huge benefit about living in a small town. But why are crime rate lower in small towns? Well, first, there is more money in big cities and people own more valuable things so robbery is more profitable. Second, it is easier to be anonymous in big cities, if you mug

someone in a small town there is a big chance that the victim will recognize you and report the crime committed. In a small town you generally do not have the crimes that you see in the big cities such as rape, murder and abductions, it can happen or course, but it is very very rare. So the fact that crime rates are lower in small towns cannot be disputed. If you research online on websites and forums that track crime statistics you will immediately see the difference. Crime, in most small towns, is about 50% to 80% lower than big cities.

This means parents are not constantly living in fear of where their children are, children can actually walk to school or to the park with their friends, and young adults can spend an evening out having a good time and not be scared about getting home. A lot of people don’t even lock their doors when they go out knowing that the possibility that someone will break into their home is almost impossible and all of their neighbors around them are looking out for them too, just in case it did happen.

I grew up in a small town and have now moved to a city, so I can say I have experienced the living qualities in both. I thought I would love living in the city being able to explore the greatness of it and always having something to do, places to go and never want to go back to living in a small town, but now I find that I look back with a new and different perspective and I appreciate it a lot more.

I admit I love the convenience and the excitement of living in a city and all it does have to offer, the museums, the architecture, the educational aspects, the bars and restaurants, but I also miss the laid back, slow paced and friendly environment that my home town had. I never felt lonely there, I could go out by myself at any time and literally bump into someone I knew around almost every corner and stop for a quick chat or sometimes even end up getting coffee or dinner together.

In the city I walk down streets crowded with people that just keep themselves to themselves, there are no smiles or hellos, there is no familiarity and we’re all strangers. The friends I have today are friends I have known all my life because as children we all went to the same schools and parks and generally enjoyed doing the same things, and even though we had our occasional mini dramas, like all young adults do, we got over them in the end and still learnt to respect one another. That is the best thing about small towns.

Your neighbors really are more than just neighbors, they are friends, and your friends become much more than just friends, they are family, and family is forever. That’s what I like about living in small towns, which is why I think my perfect living situation would be a smaller town close to a big city so that when I want I can enjoy the best of both worlds. Have the intimacy and the closeness, the friendships and sense of belonging to a community that you have in a small town and the ability to go into the city and make the most of all that it has to offer.

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