Living In Clip

7 July 2019

I don’t know why folk-rock singer Ani Difranco hadn’t thought of doing this sooner. A two CD set featuring live recordings of her remarkable, inspirational music from concerts around the country. It’s terrific! A brilliant, wild, fun and evocative CD. A perfect amalgamation of almost all her best songs morphed into one long concert – and whether you have experienced Ani live or not, you’ll love this CD! Many of Ani Difranco’s fans, mainly young women who can relate to her poetic writing and raw sound, agree that her songs sound more vivid and life-like on stage than in a studio. Now you can have these 30 live songs on your personal stereo, experiencing every concert from Ani’s point of view. She tells her stories and sings her poems of fame, emotions, settings, boyfriends, girlfriends and making independent music. She also does an funky version of “Amazing Grace,” from her new 1996 album “Dilate.” Perhaps you’re not familiar with Ani Difranco, who’s sold more albums than Hootie and the Blowfish, all on her own record label Righteous Babe Records. Or maybe you’re more into Jewel, Alanis Morissette or Fiona Apple. Hopefully this two-hour recording “Living in Clip” can outlive them. We all know there’s good music out there, and Ani is it! .

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