Living in Extended Family

5 May 2017

Modern life seems to be enjoyable and easier than it was in the past however people are busier and are more concerned about their privacy when it comes to free time. Therefore, having the parents around and living in extended families seems to be more of a hindrance than a help for young couple. Do you agree or disagree? You are required to support your ideas with your personal experience and facts. The world is aging and it is changing. We have reached the 21st century and a lot of changes had been applied by people.

Technologies are getting more advances, making us more pampered and lazier. Our lifestyle has also improved and change in a lot of ways. Some people are having better life and some others may have the opposite due to financial problem in order to sustain a proper lifestyle. Young people nowadays prefer to live on their own in order to having their own privacy and not living in extended families seems to be a hindrance for them than a help. For my opinion, I strongly agree that young people should live in extended families due to reason which I have in mind.

Living in Extended Family Essay Example

The reason why young people should live in extended family is that our parents re the person who brought us and fed us when we were little. Without their guidance and loving tender care, we would not be so successful now. Parents are not a hindrance to us because living with them or having them in our family is a great honor. Some young people even send their parents to old-folk home because they don’t have the time to look after them anymore. This kind of action is like dumping them away.

Even though old-folks home is a nice place for them, parents would feel separated and make them feel deserted. The more people living in a family the merrier it can be. Respect and love should be show from young people to their parents and not putting them in old-folks home Just because they want to have their own privacy. Other than that, spending time with our parents during our free time is a pleasure and not a hindrance. Young people now should realize how important their parents are before it is too late.

Chinese tradition such as Chinese New Year or Mooncake Festival is the time where we have reunion with our families. Most of the young people have forgotten all this tradition. That is why when it comes to extended family, hey can also be together and be reunited all the time with their parents even though they are busy during work. Another good thing living in an extended family is that, young people can save money on nanny when they have children.

Some parents are Just too busy until they have no time to look after their youngling. Meanwhile when you have parents living with us, taking care and looking after the children can be solved. Parents are much more dependable than nanny because we don’t even know the nanny as if some stranger is looking after our children. That is a big problem and it will cost us lot of money to ire a nanny. Most parents are most willingly to look after their own grandchildren as the children will make them happier and cheerful in their life.

From my opinion, I’m to know a lot of thing from them in the past and know about their old lifestyle culture. Things can be interesting staying with grandparents. As a conclusion, I would like to point out again that I would agree on living in an extended family as to show our appreciate and love to our parents by having them in our lifestyle and not a hindrance in order to obtain privacy. Love is more important that ignoring our loved ones.

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