Living in the city VS. Living at the countryside

7 July 2016

A lot of people discuss if it is better to live in the city or to live in the countryside. Here are some arguments for living in the city and living in the countryside: When thinking of transportation it is better to live in a city. There you’ve got a lot of public transports. But also in regards to jobs it’s easier to live in the city. You have a bigger variety of different jobs and you usually don’t need so much time to work with your car or you can use taxis or public transports.

Another positive thing is that you have a lot of more shops and facilities in a city. There are also more different kinds of schools and universities. The social life is also an important point. In the city you have got a lot more cinemas, restaurants, clubs and events where you can meet new people. In the countryside live a lot of families with their children because the houses there are bigger and they usually have got gardens and houses in the countryside are cheaper. It is a fact that there isn’t so much traffic and industries.

Living in the city VS. Living at the countryside Essay Example

This is why it is healthier to live in the countryside. There is also a lot of unspoiled nature where you can do outdoor sports like mountain biking, hiking or swimming. When thinking of schools you’ve got more individual teaching because the schools are smaller. But another important point is that you know the people better and so you have better relationships with doctors, waiters, neighbours, etc. But finally should everybody decide for themselves where it’s better to live.

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