Living Room

1 January 2017

A Peaceful Environment The living room can be a place for family to gather, Sometimes I like to read when it’s peaceful and quiet. My family uses our living room for many things such as movie nights, sitting by the fire place during winter and throwing family gatherings. The place is used quite a bit at my house; it’s quite the popular place to be in. usually, when I’m home alone, I often watch television while having a snack.

Though sometimes the room can be extremely loud and not a very good place to be in, I still love it no matter what. In my living room, we have a brown recliner chair. On the left side of the chair there is a black lamp beside four pictures that are not currently set up yet. On the right side of the recliner chair stand a table which holds our board games, books, magazines, and letters. By the table there is a chest of drawers which holds are pictures and decorations.

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Then we have our beautiful soft brown couch which is so comfortable and big. The multicolor ataman in front of our couch is used for decoration, but also as a foot rest. We also have a black fire place with a cabinet on the right side that holds our electronics and blankets. The black television is mounted on the wall above the fireplace. Having such a living room is a nice way to relax when coming home from a busy day. It brings families together.

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