Lizzy McGuire Soundtrack

10 October 2018

When I brought up “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” in a conversation with friends, they giggled, “Aw! I love that movie!” I thought it was cute, too, but what I really enjoyed was the oh-so-danceable soundtrack. With a fun mix of get-up-and-go music, it has a song to put anyone in a happy mood. The soundtrack has 19 songs, including two bonus tracks from Lizzie actress-turned-singer Hilary Duff’s Christmas album.

The majority of the tunes would be ideal to listen to while cruising in a convertible with the top down on a sunny day. The spunky pop song with a hint of punk called “Girl in the Band” might make you sing loudly into a hairbrush while jumping on the bed, performing for the mirror … not that I would ever do that, oh no. But every time I hear “What Dreams are Made Of,” I feel the need to bop along and belt out the high-spirited melody.

“Why Not,” the hit single by Hilary Duff, encourages you to get up off your behind and go after what you want. The lyrics have become my mantra.

Even the two slow songs have a feel-good tone. Both convey extreme contentment with life. “What Dreams Are Made Of” and “Open Your Eyes (to Love)” describe the joy and exhilaration that come with another’s affection.

This CD can make a listener feel like he or she can do anything. Its cheerleaderish, so-happy-it-could-almost-make-you-puke sound brightens the day and goes well with the movie itself, which shows that adventure can be found anywhere. .

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