Local Demographics for Cultural Differences

7 July 2016

According to the US Census 2010 the city of Atmore Alabama had a population of 10,194 which may seem small to some, but to myself who have noticed the quick growth it is quiet a large number. Atmore has become a town were you can see very clearly the changes there are 5,672 Blacks, 4,073 Whites, 184 American Indians, 185 Hispanics, 146 Two or more races 120 Mexicans, 63 White American Indians and Alaska Natives, 30 Asians, 8 Filipinos, 3 Vietnamese, and 1 Korean. This data puts the percentages as follows 55. 4% of the population are Blacks, 39. 3% are Whites, and 1. 8% Hispanic making these the largest ethnic groups.

Of these there are 0. 3% Lesbian couples, and 0. 5% Gay men. (quickfacts. cencus. gov). The study of healthy gay couples really did not begin until 1984, with McWhirter and Mattison’s book The Male Couple. (psychpage. com/family/). Even with a reported median income per household of $36,263. 00 there are 23% of the residents still living in or below the poverty line. In 2011 the numbers changed slightly to 22. 8% showing 11. 1% for Whites, 30. 0% Blacks, 63. 5% Hispanic, and13. 0% for American Indians. Here in Atmore the median age is 37. 4 also according to the census. (quickfacts. census gov).

Local Demographics for Cultural Differences Essay Example

There is also a very large amount of religious groups represented in Atmore there are more churches then any other establishments with Southern Baptist being the highest percentage with 58. 6 %. ( www. city-data). These fact go to the point that even living in what is known as small town USA demographics and different cultural play a roll in how and were things take place. The number of Blacks living in Atmore makes them the majority and at the same time Blacks have the higher level of poverty than Whites. Most of the Black families have always lived here and never left, this is contrary to fact from the 2000 and 2010 U.

S. census report mention in the text. In fact this could hold true for the Whites most of the same old family names are still living here but their rates of poverty are very different. (quickfacts. census gov). This is mostly because of cultural difference that goes back a very long time ago. Even though the Hispanics living here made the move changing the demographics in this chase it did not help with their level of poverty. These changes come from two sources changing demographics within the United States and changing immigration patterns according to the text.

These differences in poverty levels can be traced back in history. The National Defense Mediation Board, along with War Labor Board worked hard to bring equal pay for equal work regardless of race. (-national-war-labor-board). In fact the efforts of the National War Labor Board were successful in completely getting rid of the classifications of colored laborer and white laborer by getting it known as laborers receiving the same pay rates without any discrimination because of their race. Another thing about Blacks and Hispanic is that the population growth in these races was predicted by the U. S. Population Reference Bureau.

These groups here in Atmore have grown even thought their numbers may be lower than Blacks and Whites but their cultural effect is very strong. They include Tow or more races 146, 120 Mexicans, 63 White American Indians and Alaska Natives, 30 Asians these figures reflect what the 2010 Census projections of the diversities in the U. S. (quickfacts. census gov). With all of these different cultures came different religious preferences which can either bring a community together or tear them apart. Religion can actually be used to define the way some community members interpret their role in the universe.

A religion sometimes evolves from the local culture, and different religions can rise from the many different cultures. Often members of one religion can convert members from other cultures to change their beliefs. It has also been many times were the different religious groups have banded together to fight against Lesbian couples, and Gay men. Even though these two have the lowest present of representation of all represented they face the most opposition to their culture especially in this small town. Even though there had been a study of these couples some of which had relationships lasting as long as 37 years.

Gay and lesbian couples make up 1 million of the 11 million couples living together in the 2000 census. (library/gay-lesbian). After reading the text and other sources I realize that demographics and different cultural are very important in day to day life even in small-town USA. I was surprised that there were more Blacks in Atmore than Whites. Reading about the trends the census bureau had projected shows that it was to be expected. Also the wages here are high for the few and the rest are living so badly. The other thing that got me was the low

number of Hispanics that were recorded because there are at least four new Hispanic restaurants here in town and along with the rest of us there seem to so many more. I am trying to learn Spanish because I here it everyday every were I go. That seem to be the biggest bearer I am facing and if anyone had told me that even 5 years ago I would not have believed it. It is my belief that if you live in America you should learn to speak the language just as you have to in every other country. I am still trying to learn so that I can improve in the area of inner cultural communications making for a better neighborhood.

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