Logging in the National Forests

4 April 2015
An examination of the arguments of conservationists and of loggers regarding logging in national forests.

This paper analyzes the issue of logging in national forests. It outlines the topics raised by the conservationists that logging should be banned, and by the loggers that logging is essential to the forests and to the economy.
“One of the most debated issues of recent years is the right of logging companies to harvest timber for profit in the national forests. Conservationists have years of data to support their position pertaining to the harmful effects of deforestation in these parks, many of which contain some of the oldest forest in existence today. Aside from environmental issues, there are other issues as well. If they are public forests, conservationists maintain that the priority should remain on the preservation of them for the enjoyment of all. Logging companies use this same argument that if they are public, then the resources should be available to everyone, including to themselves, for profit. Another issue in this debate is the use of public tax money by privately owned big business for their own profit. Conservationists easily win the support for the general public with their emphasis on the loss of natural habitat and scenic beauty, but recently it seems that the large amount of lobbying dollars presented to the President have won the battle, at least for now. This issue has two opposing sides, but many underlying issues. This paper will examine the main arguments presented by both sides.”

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