Logic by Logic

9 September 2019

I first discovered Logic in my sophomore year of high school. The first song I ever heard was Young Jesus from the album The Incredible True Story. I was instantly hooked, I was sucked into his music and I started discovering more and more of it. It wasn’t long until I had realized that I had listened to all of his music at the time, and now I’ve heard his new music too. I’ve heard it all from the Under Pressure album all the way up to this years Bobby Tarantino II.

Logic’s music has always caught my attention. There are very few songs that I can say need some improvement. I wasn’t too impressed with his last album but it does have a few good songs. Bobby Tarantino II is a great successor to his previous album titled Everybody. The new album has some of the best songs I’ve heard from Logic yet. This album really takes me back to the first time I ever heard his music. The beats and his quick rhymes makes me reminisce about the good times of my sophomore year and in a way it shows me how far I’ve come and how much I’ve changed. The song Boom-trap Protocol is probably my favorite song on this latest album and it’s also one of my all time favorites. One thing I can say for sure is that his beats never disappoint.
Logic has been one of my top five favorite artists. Logic has good flow in his music too. I really think that some of his songs were specifically crafted for certain events and to give you certain feelings. Logic’s music tells you a story about some of the worst places in America and he reminds us that no matter where you’re from you can always work hard to better yourself because there is always room for improvement. Logic tells us that for some people, music is all they have. It might be a way to cope with the hardships of certain events, it might be the only way that someone is accepted and for some it’s a getaway from their lives, they are free to create and critique.

Logic by Logic Essay Example

This is why I think Logic’s music is unique,because a lot of today’s music doesn’t tell a story, a lot of today’s music hardly makes sense. Music is supposed to build you up and fill you with courage and willpower but some of today’s music is just ignorant words spewed across a page. Logic’s music won’t get old for me because of how it speaks to me and to the countless other fans out there. Music should stand for something.

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