It is a science for it involves systematic and it utilizes theories, principles and laws governing human thinking and reasoning. And it becomes and art since It pertain apt theories, principles and laws leading to how human understand things and how they react to it not only in school but as well in actual life setting. Therefore, everything about it— its definition, importance, and history must be studied. The application of Its theories. Reminisces and laws to everyday thinking and seasoning helps minimize errors in our way of doing things such as making right decisions, choosing a career, organizing thoughts and sentences and many more. In general, what we do proceeds from what we think or from what we believe in. Thinking, which is said to be the best reference of logic. Is associated with memorizing, remembering, imagining, guessing and day dreaming which are mental acts thus, making it one of the most essential ability of human living. Without logic, mind cannot reason out correctly.

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Our mind cannot ensue to certainty of right inference if we do not have proper knowledge about things and its processes. At this crucial point of our lives as a teenager, being logical is one of the most Important attribute to possess for It makes us responsible on how we act appropriately in our everyday lives. It let us shaped and expressed our ideas, lodgment, propositions and conclusions. These makes up our mental processes ergo, we must give thanks to the pioneers who give immense input to the science of thinking—–LOGIC.

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