Logical Culture Essay Research Paper Do culture

8 August 2017

Logical Culture Essay, Research Paper

Logical Culture Essay Research Paper Do culture Essay Example

Do civilization and single beliefs affect logical thought? If so, how do they act upon the decisions we reach?

The first inquiry that must be asked before replying this inquiry is: What precisely is logical believing? Logical thought is the procedure in which one uses concluding systematically to come to a decision. If this definition is purely followed, logical thought can non be affected by any outside influences every bit long as the premises are genuinely valid. For illustration the syllogism:

All mammals are warm blooded.

Giants are mammals.

Giants are warm blooded.

is genuinely logical because the major premiss is true. In a more & # 8216 ; general universe & # 8217 ; nevertheless, we refer to logical thought as merely infering a sensible account or decision from what is already and personally known. What is personally known is frequently unsound because of stereotypes, cultural tabu, and/or biass. Because of this, the premises used in concluding are non ever genuinely valid but are accepted as valid. This is what influences the decisions that are reached ; the premises which have been & # 8216 ; jaded & # 8217 ; by civilization and single beliefs.

There are many facets to civilization and all of them affect what is personally known and the manner one makes determinations. These are chiefly linguistic communication, background ( history ) , race, faith, single beliefs, and even geographics. Individual beliefs are an facet of civilization which are defined as being sentiments and strong beliefs. These are usually based on the other facets of civilization mentioned. For illustration a individual who is a Unitarian would most probably have different beliefs about the functions of adult females in society than person who is Evangelical. In this illustration, the single belief refering adult females was based on the codification developed by the peculiar faith. Although faith is a really strong force in our society today, beliefs are besides cultivated trough household, instruction, equals, and in many instances can be developed depending on the country and clip period that a individual lives in. ( For illustration, my gramps was greatly affected by the Great Depression and hence believes strongly in working difficult and salvaging money. )

It is really frequently that these single beliefs and civilization affect a individual & # 8217 ; s concluding. In logical thinking, the decision is the statement one is seeking to turn out ; the premises are those statements which provide grounds for the decision. Arguments are traditionally broken into two types ; inductive and deductive. It is merely the deductive statement which provides conclusive grounds since it deduces from the general to the peculiar. For illustration:

All mammals nurse their immature.

All giants are mammals.

Giants nurse their immature.

This syllogism is deductive because the premises provide grounds for the truth of its decision. Inductive, on the other manus, argues from the peculiar to the general and the grounds is non sufficient to vouch the decision except by opportunity. For illustration:

All mammals nurse their immature.

Giants nurse their immature.

Giants are mammals.

In this illustration the premises do non supply sufficient grounds for the decision because it does non state if other types of animate beings nurse their immature. Once a decision has been reached through deductive concluding it so has to be determined if it is valid or invalid. This is where the civilization and single beliefs can impact the decisions which are reached. Often the statement is non true because the premiss used is an premise, biased, or unsound. For illustration:

All Muslims are terrorists.

He is Muslim.

He is a terrorist.

This illustration does follow deductive logical thinking, and is valid, but the major premiss is false. If the & # 8216 ; arguer & # 8217 ; truly believes that all Muslims are terrorists, they have used logical believing right but have come to a incorrect decision because of their & # 8216 ; false cognition & # 8217 ; or bias of Muslims. Most likely this occurs because the & # 8216 ; arguer & # 8217 ; is establishing his/her concluding on personal knowledge/opinions. Culture & # 8217 ; s affect on logic normally occurs accidentally and goes unnoticed. Because of the nature of worlds and the different manner our civilizations have developed, these false beliefs which occur are stronger for some civilizations.

Culture and single beliefs are capable of impacting the premiss and logical thinking in every & # 8216 ; country & # 8217 ; of thought. Because all civilizations are different, some are more likely to perpetrate certain false beliefs than others. A individual & # 8217 ; s civilization is based on many things as mentioned earlier ; linguistic communication, history, geographics, faith, and race. All of these things play a different portion in civilizations, and affect logical thinking in a assortment of ways and countries.

For illustration, I know a adult female who taught math in a small town in Sierra Leone ( Africa ) . She had a really hard clip learning geometry with three dimensional right angles because everyone lived in unit of ammunition houses. It was hard for them to visualize the form because they were non faced with it often. This thought in math would non hold been affected as greatly by another civilization because of the environment and civilization which developed homes with three dimensional right angles.

The chief facet of civilization which affects logical thought, I believe, is history. A individual & # 8217 ; s or people & # 8217 ; s history is responsible for many traditions, sentiments, and facets of a certain civilization. History is frequently the cause of stereotypes, bias, and cultural tabu ; which are all illustrations of things which affect people and take them to get at unsound decisions. For illustration in Hungary it is & # 8216 ; incorrect & # 8217 ; to tinkle beer mugs before imbibing. This is because of past dealingss with Austria. Austrians would touch mugs and toast to being & # 8220 ; companions & # 8221 ; before imbibing beer. Because of the former state of affairs of Hungary being occupied by the Russians, they associated tinkling mugs to the Communist government. The existent act of touching spectacless is non incorrect physically but it has become associated with an & # 8216 ; unpleasant & # 8217 ; period of Hungary & # 8217 ; s history and as a consequence has become a cultural tabu.

Language is another facet of civilization which is capable of impacting concluding. For illustration, in some states it is possible to presume where a individual is from or their societal position by the idiom or speech pattern they speak with. This could be really unsafe when utilizing these premises in logic. If one assumes that a individual is from a lower societal category because of their speech pattern, this decision could be unsound if the premise turns out to be false. This is how prejudice and stereotypes occur ; when a judgement is made which is non ever true.

Bias in today & # 8217 ; s society has come to intend: a feeling, favourable or unfavourable, towards a individual or thing, that accompanies an unsupported judgement. A outstanding theory to the beginning of bias is history. Marx particularly believed that bias was at its highest in the 19th century when European imperial enlargement called for account. Because of this, many began mentioning to colonial people as & # 8220 ; inferior & # 8221 ; , & # 8220 ; necessitating protection & # 8221 ; , a lower signifier of development & # 8221 ; , a load etc. It was this procedure of development that the theory of race and a definite differentiation between civilizations was recognized. Although there are other factors ensuing in stereotypes and bias such as the societal context in which they originated in, history still plays a big portion. ( For illustration, Anti-Negro bias in America is historically based ; holding its roots in bondage and the failure of retracing the South after the Civil War. If this besides has psychological causes, these are still affected by the impact of historical circumstance. )

It is when these stereotypes and/or biass are used in concluding that the decision could be unsound. For illustration it is a stereotype that all white Americans life in the South are racialist. This stereotype could take one to ground that & # 8216 ; Joe & # 8217 ; is from Texas and hence he is racist against African Americans. Although this follows the deductive signifier of logic, and is valid, the premiss is a stereotype and unsound and hence the decision is besides false.

Logic in the strictest sense is non affected by civilization and single beliefs. In the & # 8220 ; existent universe & # 8221 ; nevertheless, everyone is non the same and everyone is non capable of cognizing everything. Because of this, a individual & # 8217 ; s civilization and single beliefs affect concluding. This is because they believe the unsound premises which are used to do a decision. They could believe these things because of deep rooted stereotypes based on bias. Culture and single beliefs affect different countries of logic otherwise depending of the civilization. A individual from Alaska & # 8217 ; s logical thinking in fishing will differ from a individual & # 8217 ; s life in the Bahamas. Finally, different facets of civilization have a different & # 8216 ; degree & # 8217 ; of consequence on concluding depending on what influenced the civilization more strongly in development. For illustration, by and large in Europe history played a big portion in developing the bing civilizations ; while in Africa the geographics and spiritual rites are more influential. It is difficult to state if the consequence of civilization and single beliefs on logic is negative or positive. These effects on concluding are a major cause to the misinterpretations in the universe today. On the other manus, the universe would be a bland topographic point without the present diverse civilizations. It is merely when tolerance and credence become a portion of our single beliefs that it might be possible for civilization and beliefs to non negatively affect decisions reached.

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