Logical God Vs Biblical God Essay Research

8 August 2017

Logical God Vs Biblical God Essay, Research Paper

Logical God Vs Biblical God Essay Research Essay Example

Can the descriptions of God, claimed by the Bible, be proven? In Descartes? Meditations, Descartes logically proved the being of an space and true being.

The Holy Bible describes God, our Godhead. I plan to compare the logically proved space being ( God ) and the Biblical God and see if their traits mirror each other. If they do so it would turn out, if non give strong grounds, that they are one in the same.

First I will repeat Descartes? cogent evidence of an space and true being.

P1-Ideas are either internal, external, or innate.

P2-The thought of eternity is non internal.

P3-The thought of eternity is non external.

P4-The thought of eternity is hence unconditioned.

P5-Any cause must be greater than or equal to it? s consequence.

P6-An space being is the cause of the thought of eternity.

P1-P6 proves that their exists an infinite being.


Established is an space, true being. Since it? s space, so it? s boundlessly wise. In Plato? s The Republic, Socrates proved that a wiseman would be Just. Therefore, an infinate being would be boundlessly Just. So if the Bible is truth, and the Biblical God exists, so God would be boundlessly wise and Just every bit good. Following this logic, everything God carries out in the Bible must follow the guidelines of Justice. If there is an case where God displayed an act of unfairness, it proves at least the prophesier to be false.

I have non inspected every line in the Bible nor do I program to. But I will travel over some of the chief rules of Christianity, with a focal point on Catholosism, and see if they follow that which is Just. The chose Catholosism for two grounds. One is because it? s my faith and it? s the one I know the most approximately. Second is because of it? s positions of Salvation, which is the chief focal point of faith. The Bible is translated in many different ways by different faiths. Many faiths believe that all you need is faith. Catholosism believes in religion and works. I will utilize the most utmost position, which is Catholosism.

The stairss to redemption are that you must hold religion. When you have faith so you must besides hold repented all mortal sin.. In Catholosism the two sorts of wickedness are Mortal and Veniel. Mortal wickednesss are called person because what it does is kill your redemption. You must atone a mortal wickedness to have God? s grace one time once more. A Veniel wickedness is a less serious 1 that still lets you have God? s grace. That is, they need non be repented. If your psyche is clean of all mortal wickednesss so you are all right. If non so your traveling to hell.

Now, does this follow in the logic of what an space and true being would make? Well a wickedness is an case where you gave in to your desires. An Ideal homo would ne’er make that. Any case where you put appetite before wisdom are all covered within the 10 commandments. Therefore the thought of? wickedness? is sound.

Then comes the separation of a veniel wickedness and mortal wickedness. One might believe that the separation is God go throughing opinion on you. Passing opinion on person to populate everlastingly in snake pit would harm them. It would do the Judgement shaper unjust and less baronial. Therefore an boundlessly wise being, God, would non make this. He doesn? T do this. The separation is non a passing of opinion. God makes regulations and Lashkar-e-Taibas you choose your way. If you chose one that would set down you in snake pit, so God will give you the chance to atone and clean your psyche of that mortal wickedness. Evidence besides shows that you may perpetrate as many Venial wickednesss as you want. He does non utilize a balance graduated table to find you redemption. Which proves that it is in no manner go throughing opinion.

Many may still reason, why is Catholosism prophesying? concluding opinion by the male parent? . If you examine the term Judgement, it means to do a determination or organize an sentiment. Since God is all knowing, he need non do determinations or sentiment since he knows all that is truth. Therefore, neither wo

uld it be Just or possible for God for base on balls Judgement. Judgement, as stated in Catholosism, is used for deficiency of better term. The existent definition is? looking into your psyche to happen truth. ? That truth will find whether you go to hell or heaven.

Then comes the inquiry of, why is faith necessarry. It is non nesarely necessary. An nescient homo who was ne’er given a opportunity to take religion is non excluded from Eden. The 1s without religion who are excluded are the 1s who consciously chose non to set their religion in God, but instead to set their religion in something else or nil at all. That all follows what is Just, hence Salvation as Catholics translate the Bible follows.

Another belief is that of Purgatory. Purgatory happens when you have no mortal wickednesss, but your psyche must be cleaned of Venial wickedness before you may confront God in Eden. In The Republic, a differentiation was made between harming person and aching person, being that harming makes one less baronial and pain may do one more baronial. A being who is Just being would ne’er make injury. Purgatory is an illustration of injury without injury because it cleans the psyche of every case of wickedness. Therefore Purgatory would be one of the supreme Acts of the Apostless of Justice.

Following I will analyze Jesus, the boy of God. It would be logical for the boy of an infinite being to be an ideal homo. An ideal homo would perpetrate no wickedness and commit no unfairness. Or, he would ne’er give in to his appetencies when logically it would be unwise. Jesus ne’er committed a wickedness, and did good plants and carried out what was Just. Jesus was that Ideal homo. Since Jesus was human, finally he would hold to decease. Which happened when they crucified him on the cross. He died on the wickednesss of the Jews who were existent worlds ( non-Ideal ) . They gave in to their appetencies when logically there was no ground for his executing. You can infer that they committed a wickedness when they killed him. Jesus died for our wickednesss. It would non be difficult to turn out the executing of Jesus because of the kept records from that clip.

I will now take myself off the particular topic of God and put a focal point on Jesus. A strong cogent evidence may be made non merely on God, but on Catholosism as a whole. Harmonizing to Bible, Jesus stated that whatever his 12 aposoles preached would be as if he preached it himself. They were the laminitiss of Catholosism with Peter, one of the 12, taking caput as the Pope. Through the old ages, Catholosism has non changed in their ideals and beliefs as the other faiths have. They stuck with whatever the original 12 have said. And it is logical to cognize every bit good that ideals besides ne’er alteration. If the popular belief on an issue has changed, it wouldn? Ts make sense to alter the ideal every bit good. It would be a false belief of logic to conform merely because of a bulk.

In decision, I have non found any defects in logic within the bible? s description of God. All his traits and procedures of redemption mirror that of what an space and true being would be and utilize. Along with this, I was able to, unpurposely, accomplish two other things. One was create or place a method for confuting any godly Bible. Simply put, if a prophesier makes a description of God, but that description does non follow logically into what an space and true being is, so the description is incorrect. Therefore, anything else that prophesier has written may fall into inquiry and he may be defined a false prophesier. I have found none such instance and a cogent evidence that I will ne’er happen such a instance has non been presented to me. The 2nd thing that was unpurposally accomplished was a strong statement taking toward the overall truthfulness of Catholosism. The Catholic Ideals follow logically what is God, and the boy of God. It didn? t alteration with any popular thought of a clip. Any alteration in ideal that did happen was deemed unfair and changed back. It besides didn? t sprout out of no where merely because one did non hold with an ideal. What I have presented was a strong statement that should give Catholosism a logical border over others, and do it a logitions faith.

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