Lolita Film And Novel Comparison Essay Research

8 August 2017

Lolita ( Film And Novel Comparison ) Essay, Research Paper

Lolita Film And Novel Comparison Essay Research Essay Example

Lolita is one of the most unconventional literary classics of the century. Lolita is a twelve-year-old miss, who is desired by the European rational Humbert Humbert. As the storyteller of the narrative, Humbert chronicles his unnatural childhood, adolescent experiences, and an escapade in a flourishing American as a European tourer and paedophile. But it is cardinal to recognize his first grief as a male child manifests into his desires for nymphets. This point is made clear in both the novel and film. I will demo that the film Lolita, is a solid rendering of the novel of the same name.

Now some critics might see the novel as something more than I took it, like a contrast between the modernistic character of Humbert Humbert against the post-modern Americans that he encounters. Forget all that, I candidly thought the film to be a convincing love narrative. On the surface degree it was about an obsessional adult male and his love for nymphets, who met Lolita, the object of his desires. There were differences between the film and the novel, yet I felt some scenes were left out of the film that did non ache the narrative at all. Besides, some scenes were added which really strengthened the narrative line in the film.

I bet professional critics say the new version of Lolita did non mensurate up, good I loved it. Dominique Swain was awesome ( a little hottie as good ) and she absolutely played the character of Lolita. She may hold even been more manipulative in the movie version. An illustration of this was when Lolita was dallying with Humbert as she rubbed her pes all over him in order to acquire a rise in her allowance and be able to be portion of the drama. You could non be much more sexual, manipulative miss than Lolita was! On minor alteration was that Lolita was twelve in the novel and 14 in the film. This was merely done to do the relationship a spot more accepting in the spectator s eyes. I don t believe it harshly affected the narrative at all. In both plants, Lolita was merely a manipulative miss who had no thought what life was approximately. She was about sucked into the erotica concern by a hapless adult male who she worshipped as a Hollywood star. Plus, she handled Humbert absolutely in puting her flight to populate with Quilty. Humbert was besides played brightly, yet I felt there was more yearning in the novel Humbert, though we were still able to see his firing desire for nymphets and Lolita in general. It was fascinating to see how far he would travel merely to be with his love, and what was priceless was his reaction and facial look as Lolita would play with his emotions. To me, Humbert was far more rubbishy a character in the novel, than he was in the film. In the film, he kept his distinguished professor demeanour, while in the film I lost all regard for him.

Charlotte was yet another strongly played character, but truly all we needed from her was to be an annoyance and intrusive female parent. Just like the novel we realized how much she disgusted Humbert. She was merely an obstruction She was merely an obstruction for Humbert to get the better of in his pursuit for Lolita. It was better that I felt more of a green-eyed monster from Charlotte toward Dolores in the film, which added fire to the narrative. Quilty was truly excessively much of a chief character in the narrative. He merely had to be the typical celebrated scumbag that tried to utilize Lolita as a plaything. He was besides every bit hapless as in the film as he was in the novel, and I was glad to see him acquire it in both. I believe he was introduced earlier in the move, in the scene where Lolita ran into him as she pet his Canis familiaris. This was done to beef up the narrative because we got to see and recognize that Lolita was turning a diethylstilbestrols

anger for the Hollywood star.

The scenes that were removed from the novel had small consequence on the feel of the narrative. For illustration, there is a long drawn out scene where Charlotte is returning from cantonment and Humbert is panicking in his determination to remain or go forth as the auto attacks. You didn t need this because you knew he was traveling to remain and prosecute his Lolita. So in the film it was merely merely Charlotte returning and the following thing you know they are married. That s merely cutting out the dirt, and when you re a manager who want to do a good film from a novel, you must recognize what is dirt and what is of import capable affair. Another deleted scene was when Humbert leaves the room after killing Quilty and all his invitees are at that place. To be honest with you, this scene confused me in the novel and I m glad it was left out. The scene made no sense, and the duologue between the character was a waste of clip. The film stoping was better, merely him in his down and tormented emotional province as he drives down the route to perfectly nowhere. One last deleted scene was that of the alien ( Quilty ) coming in to play tennis as Humbert was off. This scene was meant merely to acquire Humbert nervous about losing Lolita, and without it in the film we still realized he was overprotective of his hoarded wealth.

I want to discourse some more ways that I thought the film was an betterment to the novel and besides discourse some scenes that were added that strengthened the narrative. One of these was the scene where Lolita ran up the stepss to give Humbert a adieu buss before she went to bivouac. This scene was first-class because you began to see Lolita dallying with hapless Hum and that buss could hold killed in because he wanted so much more. The ocular facet of Lolita touching Humbert as the camera zoomed in on the them touching merely added more to the full narrative. It gave you more of a sense of how that felt to Humbert as his desires for Lolita grew. Then we had the portion with the swing outside as Charlotte and Humbert are sitting and he is doing the swing semivowel past the door so he can see the dancing Lolita. This was amusing because it made you see Humbert sort of seeking to acquire off from Charlotte on the other terminal of the swing in order to catch a glance of his desire vocalizing and dance. Dolores s consideration was a nice touch that added to the immatureness of Lolita. The consideration made us see her as nil but a brace-faced consideration have oning child. The scenes when she took it out to either snog him or eat were rather amusing. Other imagination that was excellent was when the coffin nail was still firing after Charlotte was hit and killed. This made me recognize how fast the ordeal had happened. The fume was non even gone, and hapless Charlotte was dead. On the other manus, one amusing scene was when Humbert was driving down the cantonment route and he was in ecstasy as the manager sort of blurred the background to do it look as sort of a nymphet land of his dreams as small misss run everyplace. One speedy scene that made me laugh was when Humbert was in the hotel and he walked by a clump of priests as they looked at him. It was dry because I knew what he was approximately to make with Lolita that following forenoon. These are merely some of the ocular experiences that I thought strengthened the film.

Like I said, there were many scenes added and deleted, yet I think this film was a fantastic ocular experience. I loved watching it and would without a uncertainty see it once more. The manager did a sweet occupation in turning the novel into an first-class film. I m certain you can state I thought Lolita the film was without a uncertainty in the spirit of Nabokov s novel. I m non certain he would wish the alterations but I did.

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