Loneliness In Of Mi And Mence Essay

8 August 2017

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Loneliness In Of Mi And Mence Essay Essay Example

Loneliness in Of Mice And Men

In John Steinbeck s Of Mice And Men solitariness tallies aboard friendship as a major subject. Although ranch life in the 1930s America is lonely for migratory workers and many other people, George and Lennie, two of the loneliest cats in the universe ( 13 ) , at least have each other. For African-Americans like Crooks, adult females like Curley s married woman, or the old like Candy, life is far more lonely.

The individual who expresses his solitariness most openly and profoundly is Crooks the Afro-american stablehand, a victim of racial bias. When Lennie enters his room uninvited, Crooks, out of acrimonious pride, exercises his lone right, that of privateness in his ain room. ( 68 ) He is so urgently alone that he cruelly tries to ache Lennie with narratives of George abandoning him to seek to do him understand what it feels like to be so entirely. ( 71-72 ) His enviousness of their friendly relationship shows when he says: George can state you screw-loose things, and it don t affair. It s merely the speaking. It s merely bein with another cat. ( 71 ) Gladiolus to hold person to speak to, he warns of the dangers of excessively much solitariness and continues with: A cat needs somebody- to be near him & # 8230 ; A cat goes nuts if he ain t got cipher. ( 72 ) The ground Lennie goes to see Crooks, of class, is that George is out of town with the other spread custodies and he wants some company. When Candy joins them excessively, Crooks can barely hide his pleasance with choler. ( 75 )

Candy the cleansing agent seems to cover with his solitariness by dish the dirting and listening for what s traveling on. He besides worries about his hereafter when he is excessively old to work and explicate his grounds for desiring to be portion of the

program to purchase a smallholding: When they can me here I wisht person 500 shoot me… I won Ts have no topographic point to travel, an I can t acquire no more occupations. ( 60 )

Curley s married woman would hold been doomed to an every bit alone old age. In a roseola minute brought on by her letdown at non being in the films, she marries Curley and shortly declinations it. ( 88-89 ) She appears at the door of the bunkhouse and subsequently Crook s room pretense to be looking for Curley when she is really looking for company. As if they can afford to care when their occupations and physical wellbeing are at interest, she says: think I don Ts like to speak to person of all time one time in a piece? Think I like to lodge in that house alla clip? ( 77 ) Although she like to chat up, her isolation is echt: Sat twenty-four hours dark. Ever organic structure out doin som pin. Ever organic structure! An what am I doin? Standin here speaking to a clump of bindle stiffs- an likin it because they ain t cipher else. ( 78 ) There is no manner out of her disaffection from the other characters on the spread, who are all work forces. When she develops her doomed friendly relationship with Lennie, she tells him she gets atrocious lonely ( 87 ) , and, like Crooks, entreaties to him to understand how she feels. The manner Steinbeck uses imagination, or word images, of sunshine and describes Curley s married woman in decease illustrates how much better off she is dead than alive. ( 92-93 )

Steinbeck besides finds other ways to develop the subject of solitariness. Soledad, the name of the nearby town, and Crook s place of birth, means lonely in Spanish. The manner that George can so frequently be found playing solitaire, a card game for one participant, is a reminder that, as George will shortly detect, we are all entirely in the terminal, despite our friendly relationships.

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