Lonely Planet Guides Global Explorers

9 September 2016

World‘lonely planet guides global explorers ‘ Q&A 1. Why the lonely planet can get the big successful in global? Lonely planet runs the business more than 30 years and publishes more than 500 different guides to destinations around the world. Moreover they have more than 500 employees in offices on three continents, as well as 300 writers out combing the world for information. All of these up to the company choose the suit target market and the right marketing strategy.

In 2007, the Wheelers decided sold the company to the BBC, it was a best choice for lonely planet because can make the company developing well than past. Actually, the decision makes more contribution to Lonely Planet. The BBC’s extensive network of distribution channel helped lonely planet popularity and acceptance increased. 2. Did the lonely planet guides meet the cultural sensitivity? Yes, they are.

Lonely Planet Guides Global Explorers Essay Example

So they employed more than 300 contributors from dozens of difference countries and try them best to offset the language barrier. The series of Lonely Planet Guides are really helped a lot of people for travel. The company guides based on the each cultural difference, and make their consumer feel easy and convenience when travelling in new countries. The Wheelers have ensured that Lonely Planet maintains a total commitment to responsible travel, right down to using recycled materials in publishing.

And through the tremendous impact their guides have had on travelers around the world, they have certainly done far more than their share to make this “lonely planet” a better place. “Today, more than ever,” they write on their website, “we’re utterly convinced of the incredible importance of travel. It’s only through traveling, through meeting people, that we begin to understand that we’re all sharing this world. We are all coming along for the ride, despite the barriers which governments, religions and economic and political beliefs often seem to build up between us. “

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