Long Range Casues Of WWII Essay Research

8 August 2017

Long Range Casues Of WWII Essay, Research Paper

Long Range Casues Of WWII Essay Research Essay Example

World War I was a really complicated war. It goes back as far back as 1870. Of class the was didn? T last for that many old ages, but it had many casues. Not merely one flicker that started it off. The Franco-Prussian War was one of these casues. There were sevral Franco-Prussian Wars. The last Franco-Prussian War started in 1870. Prussia was in a alliance. A alliance is a group of provinces that are loosly joined together and hold more power than the authorities of the whole state. Prussia was the biggest province. France and Prussia ever fought over Alsace-Lorraince. It was land with really rich dirt. It was on the boundary line between France and Prussia. They kept contending over the land. One clip Prussia would win and would take the land. The the following clip France would win and would take the land. This kept occurrence, but in the last war, which started in 1870, Germany eventually won Alsace-Lorraine. They signed a pact in Versailles, France. The Franco-Prussian War ended in 1871. After the Franco-Prussian War, Bismarck, who was Prussia? s leader made the fusion of Germany. That meant that all the separate provinces joined together to be one counrty. After this, Bismarck became the leader of Germany.

After the Franco-Prussian War, France was afraid that Germany would assail France for more land. So so France started constructing up it? s ground forces so that Germany wouldn? t onslaught. Germany wanted a war. This caused the six stronge countires in Europe to get down constructing up their ground forcess and acquire ready for the war. The six stronge states were England, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Turkey. All of these countires were compeating to be the strongest. Russia and Germany did non acquire along. Russia, excessively, was afriad Germnay would assail, so Russia started to construct up it? s ground forces to do Germany afriad. Russia and Austria-Hungary besides didn? t get along. Austria-Hungary was afriad Russia would assail so they started to construct up their ground forces to intimidate Russia. Turkey didn? t get along with Austria-Hungary. Turkey saw that Austria-Hungary was constructing up their ground forces, and that frightened Turkey, so they started constructing up their ground forcess to frighten Austria-Hungary. All of thse states were compeating to be the best and the strongest. This is an illustration of militerism and patriotism. Nationalism is a deep feeling of pride for one? s state with a desire to turn out that it? s better than all other countires. Patriotism could acquire really unsafe becasue it could get down a war. It was one of the factors that started World War I. What all the states were making was besides an illustration of militerism. Militerism is the manner states build up their ground forcess to construct up for war.Before the war, all immature males had to develop to be soldiers in school. This was called cosmopolitan military preparation.

Another one of the casues of World War I is confederations. An Alliance is and agreemnt of friendly relationship with two or more states. The states all started to do allinaces becasue they needed aid incase of a war. So if state A got into a war with state B, and state A had an confederation with state C, state C would assist state A battle against state B. Then possibly state B would hold an allince with state D, and state D would ahve an allince with state E. So count

ries B, D and E could contend against countires A and C. So what would be a small war between states A and B would turn into a really large war.

In 1872, Germnay Russia and Austria-Hungary made the first Ternary Alliance. Russia left after the Franco-Prussian War. Alternatively of Russia, Italy came, and in 1882, it became known as the Second Triple Alliance. After Russia backed out of the first confederation, it became friends with France. In 1891, France and Russia made the Double Alliance. In 1904 England jioned the Double Alliance, and so it became the Triple Entant.

If a large state makes and confederation with a little state, it doesn? t mean that they? re seeking to be nice. It? s because they want something. All the large states in Europe wanted something in the Balkans. Russia wanted land for sea ports. They couldn? T usage thiers by the Black Sea becasue they hads to go through through aturkey and they were enemies with Turkey. They besides couldn? T use the 1 by the Pacific Ocean becsue it ever froze. Germany wanted a railway that went from Beryn to Baghdad. The railway would travel threw Austria-Hungary. That? s why Germany made an confederation with austria-Hungary and Germany. It besides had to travel threw Turkey so Germany made an confederation with them in 1914. Austria-Hungary wanted sea ports every bit good. Italy wanted natrual resorces. The people in the Balkans though, wanted all the large states out and they wanted to go portion of Serbia.

All of this was slightly and illustration of Imperialism. Imperialism is a forigen policy where a state tries to benifit it? s ego at the disbursal of other states. All the large states were jus utilizing the Balkans for what they wanted. Another manner that the confederations are a signifier of Imperialism is that possibly state D has nil has nil against state A, but they? rhenium still contending. Besides, state D has to blow their soldiers becasue they had an confederation with state D had confederation with state B.

In order to hold Imperialism you need to ahve a stronge ground forces and navy. England had the strongest naval forcess so they had the biggest imperium. Austria-Hungary and Turkey besides had large imperiums. Germany and France were merely get downing. The lone topographic point left to acquire settlements was Africa, but it wasn? t large plenty. All the states compeated for settlements. This reinforced bad realationships between some states. becasue they were all compesting and nto all the states really got settlements.

It was merely a affair of clip before the war started. All of these elemnt together casued World War I. Not merely one factor casued it. Now merely one little thing would casue the war. These are short scope casues. Such as the Balkan Wars and the blackwash of Archduke Ferdinand. These were the short scope casues. Archduke Ferdinand got assassinated on June 28, 1914. Austria-Hungary sent Serbia and ultimatum and said that they had to acknowledge to the violent death of Archduke Ferdinand and to halt seeking to acquire Bosnia off from Austria-Hungary. Leaderships from other states besides tried to convert other leaders to halt the war, but Serbia refused. Austria-Hungary gave Serbia one month to fofill the ultimatum. On July 28. 1914, World War I began.

Therefore, many asspects caused World War I. Some of which are the Franco-Prussian War, patriotism, militerism, imperialism and confederations.

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