Long term memory

6 June 2017

Long term memory BY ha01012 Memory Storage There are two types of storage that consist in our brain, which are short and long term memory. Short term memory involves “rehearsal and chunking” (Schacter et al. , 2012), while long term consists of “encoding and retrieval of past memories” (Schacter et al. , 2012). I strongly believe that short term memories can lead into long term memories, but only if the human right frontal lobe, hippocampus, and the sensory region works together. Do you remember the time you were in class and had a question to ask your professor?

You raise your hand and when the professor calls your name, you simply say “l forgot what I was going to say’ or “l don’t remember what I was going to say’. After a couple of minutes or an hour later, you remember what you were going to say because something triggers you to recall what it was. I believe that something you saw or heard, triggered your frontal lobe, therefore accessing your hippocampus and some parts of the sensory region to remember. A great example would be the movie 50 first date, it was a great example of anterograde.

Long term memory Essay Example

Anterograde is the inability to transfer new info from the short term torage into the long term storage. I believe that in this scenario, the right frontal lobe is not working properly, because it cannot access the hippocampus. But it doesn’t explain why she can remember for a short term period and the next day she will forget. If this is the case, then the frontal lobe must be fully functional but the hippocampus must be only active for a short amount of time and resets itself. It is interesting to see that if one part of the brain is not corresponding with the other part, it will affect its ability to function correctly and

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