Lonliness And Friendship Essay Research Paper In

8 August 2017

Lonliness And Friendship Essay, Research Paper

In Of Mice and Men, written by George Steinbeck, George and Lennie s vision is of a topographic point of their ain, where they can populate and hold coneies and can be protected from injury. As the two work forces think about their dreams of the hereafter, Candy, Crooks, and even Curley s married woman reveal that they besides have dreams of a life far different from this present one.

George trusts Lennie excessively much and as a consequence, Lennie kills both Curley s married woman and George s dream at the same clip. The relationship between George and Lennie is alone in that the fieldhand is normally an stray individual. It is emphasized that two workers are virtually ne’er seen together. Lennie and George have an fond regard and apprehension between them ; their relationship is different and valuable. Their basic relationship is seen to be the get downing factor in their dream.

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Guys like us, that work on spreads, are the loneliest work forces in the universe. They don t belong no topographic point. With us it ain Ts like that. We got a hereafter. We got person to speak to that cares about us.

The subject of solitariness is explained in many ways. Old Candy has merely one Canis familiaris and when it is killed, he hears of George and Lennie s dream and attaches h

imself to them so that he won t terminal up someday wholly alone and outcast. Even after Lennie kills Curley s married woman, old Candy still wants to fall in George and transport out the dream. Besides, Crooks is betrayed to be on the brink of devastation, because a cat needs person to be near him Don t do no difference who the cat is, every bit long as he is with you. Crooks would be willing to come to the farm and work for nil merely to hold the chance to pass on with people.

Curly s married woman finally is one of the loneliest people, Her behaviour is so despised, that no 1 comes really sympathetic, but she makes herself so violative because she is driven by her solitariness. She is overwhelmed by her isolation, from Curly, that she can merely repent her state of affairs. She seeks out Lennie s friendly relationship because the other work forces fear Curly and will hold nil to make with her.

If George and Lennie s relationship did non be, the violent death of Lennie would non keep the calamity because, now George s life has become as lonely, and as defeated, as the lives of Curly, Candy, and Curly s married woman.

Two of import facets of human nature brought out in the narrative are: the ability to dream and the desire to hold person to portion the dream with.

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