Looking at Amtrak Sunset Limited Derailment Accident

7 July 2016

Corporate Social Responsibility: Looking at Amtrak Sunset Limited Derailment Accident Stakeholders are people that are affected by business decisions and/or who make those business decisions. Concerning the Case Study: Amtrak Sunset Limited Derailment, the confluence of events led to a great tragedy and in return there were many who were affected by the decisions of all parties involved. Sunset Limited Case Study Stakeholders The stakeholders in this case vary.

They include: Amtrak, the passengers of the Sunset Limited, crew members of the train including Engineer Michael Vincent, Billy Rex Hall, and Ernest Lamar Russ, the families of the crew members and the passengers (who were not with them), Warren Carr, Ronnie Seymour, CSX Co. , Town of Prichard, Mobile, Coast Guard, NTSB, WGN Inc. (M/V Mauvilla towboat owner), Capt. Andrew Stabler, Willie Odom (Pilot), and the U. S. District Court for Southern Alabama District. Interests Safety. Amtrak, CSX, WGN Inc. and their employees safety at work, proper training, and promoting public image of safe, economical travel while overcoming this tragedy.

Looking at Amtrak Sunset Limited Derailment Accident Essay Example

Employees’ interests lie in returning home safely to their family and friends, being able to work and provide for their family, and overcoming this tragedy. NTSB needs to rectify the situation to prevent future instances and taking proper steps to ensure safety. Townsfolk wish to avoid such tragedies in the future. The U. S. District Court wish to see future tragedies prevented while helping to ease the suffering of those who lost. Corporate Social Responsibility Legal Compensating victims and surviving family members per the judgment of the District Court and abiding by all laws concerning safety, emergency response, and training.

Economic Continue profitability in light of this tragedy. That could mean PR campaigns promoting safety of travel, renewed training programs for employees, rededication to customer service and alleviating fears. Ethical Abide by ethical codes of conduct concerning not only their stakeholder’s profitability but also those affected by the outcome of the trip and proceeding court case(s). Profitability should be maintained but not at the cost of ethical behavior. Philanthropic This case is ripe for a philanthropic cause such as creating a victims and survivors charity to help family members, grievance counseling, and similar avenues of help.

Recommendations I would recommend that the corporation’s get together and compensate the people who lost loved ones because of this incident and those who were injured in this incident. This does not bring loved ones back, but it may ease any financial burdens that may arise. The government should place more noticeable landmarks by the river to let mariners know that there is a bridge near. Plus it should be that during heavy dense fog, mariners shouldn’t travel because of limited visibility. The Amtrak should maybe install an automatic break locking system on its train and the tracks to stop the train when something goes wrong on the tracks.

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