Looking For A Reason Essay Research Paper

8 August 2017

Looking For A Reason Essay, Research Paper

Looking for a Reason

Is where you are in your working calling where you want to be for the remainder of your

life? The reply to that inquiry is simple for Sammy in the narrative & # 8220 ; A & A ; P & # 8221 ; by John

Updike. Sammy, like many others in this universe, is a immature adult male seeking to do some

money in a little town. But unlike some, he refuses to be stuck in the same occupation for

many old ages or perchance the remainder of his life.

One twenty-four hours while working the registry at a local food market shop, Sammy notices three

misss walk in. The misss are have oning their bathing suits because the beach is near to the

shop. When the misss reach the registry the director notices the misss garb. He walks

over to them and argues with them for a minute and so misss leave. Sammy didn & # 8217 ; T

understand why the director had such a job with what the misss were have oning.

Suddenly Sammy decides to discontinue. He takes off his apron and walks out the door.

One of the things that caught my attending the most was Updike & # 8217 ; s usage of

imagination in depicting Sammy & # 8217 ; s working environment. & # 8220 ; The sheep forcing their carts

down the aisle- & # 8221 ; ( 34 ) , I thought, was an first-class representation of clients grocery

shopping. I could about see them forcing their carts around the shop shopping for

things. It seems to me that the clients are like sheep because they don & # 8217 ; t truly care

about what is traveling on around them. They merely want to acquire their things and travel on about

their concern. Another good illustration is when Sammy is looking at the misss while they

are standing in his aisle. He refers to one of the miss & # 8217 ; s thorax as & # 8220 ; two scoops of

vanilla & # 8221 ; ( 36 ) . I think this is an of import point because he doesn & # 8217 ; t mention to an older

/ & gt ;

adult female, who was standing in line before the misss, in such a mode. This shows a male

point of position that helps the reader understand how Sammy feels and what is traveling

through his head during the narrative.

I think the misss helped give Sammy a ground to discontinue the food market shop. On one

manus, Sammy quit for the misss. He saw how they were treated by the director and

idea he would be the hero by discontinuing to acquire back at him. And even though he knew

the misss wouldn & # 8217 ; t be waiting on him out side the shop, he quit none the less. Because

on the other manus, he didn & # 8217 ; t want to stop up like the director when he got older.

I was looking for a ground to discontinue a occupation one time. I didn & # 8217 ; t quit because I thought I was

traveling to be working at that place for the remainder of my life, but because I didn & # 8217 ; t like working at that place

any longer. I decided to non travel in one twenty-four hours and when the director called I said I had a

scientific discipline undertaking to make. When she asked if I was traveling to come in of all time once more I said no.

That was a long clip ago and I would ne’er discontinue a occupation in that manner once more. I was immature

so and I fundamentally was merely tired of working at that place.

Sammy & # 8217 ; s hereafter is unknown. The inquiry of conditions he quit because he thought

he would be the misss knight in reflecting armour, or the fright that he would be stuck in a

dead-end occupation the remainder of his life is left up to the reader. Maybe both of the replies are

both true. I think even though he thought in the dorsum of his head that the misss would be

outside waiting for him, he knew in his bosom that they wouldn & # 8217 ; t be at that place. I don & # 8217 ; t believe

Sammy & # 8217 ; s hereafter is in the food market shop concern though. One thing is certain though,

Sammy & # 8217 ; s hereafter is up to him.


A & A ; P by John Updike

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