Looking into WILD by Troye Sivan

8 August 2019

Idolized by the great Taylor Swift, Troye Sivan’s EP, WILD, is definitely something to be revered. Australian YouTube star Troye Sivan debuted his third EP on the 4th of September, with all his 3,000,000 fans there to support him. His EP mixed electro and dream pop melodies to convey the deep messages. WILD is a bold, spectacular second major release that doesn’t incorporate the cliche pop and indie music that most singers would nowadays.

Troye Sivan’s breathtaking album consists of six songs, featuring music artists such as Broods and Tkay M. “Fools” starts off with a soft piano ballad which quickly builds up to an electronic beat as well as a deep background chorus repeating the lyrics “only fools.” Sivan ties everything together in this song by combining many different rhythms and vocals to produce a unique blend of music. Another one of Sivan’s tracks, “Ease,” includes an appearance of Broods. He wondrously brings a bundle of upbeat tempos and even possesses the sound of a xylophone which flawlessly matches the song. “Bite” and “DKLA” include soothing echoing vocals as well as a feature of Tkay Mazida in “DKLA.”The heavy bass is apparent in Troye’s songs, adding on the the overall vibe.

Looking into WILD by Troye Sivan Essay Example

On the first listen, I didn’t think WILD was exceptionally remarkable. However, as I listened closely to the lyrics and the melodies, I was drawn in. When I had Troye’s EP on repeat on Spotify for the 100th time, I was attached to it even more. His music made me feel laid-back and got me thinking deeply about life and all of its imperfections. He doesn’t just simply state the message of his songs, but rather uses lyrics which most people cannot understand if not fully analyzed. In his song “Bite,” he states, “The rapture in the dark puts me at ease. The blind eye of the storm.” Sivan toys with the lyrics on purpose, making it a puzzle for those who listen of his music to really look into the what he is saying and interpret the message of his songwriting. The tone of his voice is raw; it is authentic. Emotion can be heard ever so clearly just from the first few words spoken from any of the songs on his EP.

Troye Sivan’s WILD contains very mature content with very deep ideas conveyed to his audience about love. However, it is much more than just the basic love songs played on the radio over and over again nowadays. His inspiration to compose WILD came from his fans and his “past life”. He hoped his new EP and music videos would help those who are struggling with being LGBT+(lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc.). As a homosexual person himself, Troye has faced some obstacles. “Every time I see a young LGBT person commit suicide, all I can think about is the lost potential, and what could have happened if only a family member had been a little bit more supportive, or someone at school had been a little bit more supportive,” Sivan states in an interview. His song lyrics are messages about being treated unfairly for being different.

This mini-album has caught people’s attention from all over the world, reaching #1 in over 40 countries. WILD has received media praise from famous music celebrities like Sam Smith. Fans of Troye Sivan from all over the world could see his growth in music from last year’s album TRXYE to this year’s WILD. Give this EP a listen and get yourself hyped up for his full album, Blue Neighborhood, coming out December 4, 2015.

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