Lord Capulet Soliloquy After Act

1 January 2017

Paris is wealthy, young and handsome, an excellent match for her. She cannot disobey my order, this is my decision, (point to chest) not hers. Does she have any idea how many girls would die to marry Paris? Juliet would become part of royal family, which will be great for me and our name too. Our Capulet name will be seen as peaceful and loving if she marries Paris.

And if she doesn’t she will be ruining my plans for her. She is mine and always will be mine. As long as she does not marry a Montague, everything will be fine; there could be nothing worse than for her to be a part of that family. (shake head) But she needs someone like Paris with her. Paris is willing (show willing actions) to take the role as Juliet’s husband. He is just as excited as I am to take Juliet’s hand in marriage.

Lord Capulet Soliloquy After Act Essay Example

If it weren’t for Paris’ words, I would never have agreed to let Juliet marry Paris as (point index finger) “Too soon married are those so early made” (1. 2. 3) I used to say. But I see now that Juliet needs to have a husband to help the family name. This marriage will benefit everyone, and if doesn’t marry Paris, she will be letting many people, especially me. My sorrow for Tybalt’s death is affecting my family, and from a tragedy must come a joyful event.

This is Juliet’s fault, I wouldn’t need to be this angry if she had only just agreed in the first place. She has no right to disobey my order, I am her father, I make her final decisions. I only want what is best for her and if I believe that marrying Pairs is best for her, then that is what she will do. If Juliet doesn’t marry soon, she could ruin my family name. Nothing will change my mind; she must marry Paris this Thursday morning even if I have to drag her to the church.

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