Lord Jim Essay Research Paper Summer Reading

8 August 2017

Lord Jim Essay, Research Paper

Summer Reading Project

Lord Jim

The chief character of Lord Jim is none other so, Jim. He is besides referred to as Lord Jim and Tuan Jim. Jim & # 8217 ; s chief end in life is to be understood by person, anyone at all. Jim does a batch of twenty-four hours woolgathering. His dreams consist of a hero ( him ) executing some sort of a heroic act. But despite all the twenty-four hours dreaming, he ne’er does execute his Heroic title. When Jim had the opportunity to execute his first heroic title, he failed. He was on a ship, transporting pilgrims, but when the ship was hit by an object in the H2O, he and the other shipmates fled for their ain lives. Jim is about 30 old ages old, and he can t of all time bury or run off from his failure on his first sailing assignment.

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Jim does have his illustriousness by going the Trade director on a remote-trading island. There he finds his lover, his best friend, and settles a war between the people of the island and their alleged leader. But despite all the good that has happened for him, he is confronted with another state of affairs when a kind of plagiarist arrives at the Island. He, himself, stays inactive in the battle between his people and the plagiarist, so he sends his best friend to make the combat. His friend fails and is subsequently killed because of a mis-comunication. Jim takes duty for his decease, and is in bend killed by his friend s father.

Marlow is an interesting character in the book. He is the storyteller of the whole narrative. Like Jim, He can non get away his past error from the Pitna ( first sailing assignment ) . Marlow can non get away run intoing people who have something to make with Jim. Marlow foremost sees Jim at a test for Jim and his shipmates. He is interested in Jim and his narrative. Marlow has commiseration on Jim and attempts to assist him leap back from his bad fortune with the Pitna. Marlow does non acquire all of his information straight from detecting Jim, but instead from word of oral cavity, and from people who have been involved with Jim, and his fortunes.

Stein is a trading station top banana. His beginnings are from Germany, but was forced to go forth because of his engagement in radical activities. Stein sends Jim to the island Patusan, to take control of the state of affairs. With the island in convulsion, it is non good for concern. Like Marlow, Stein has commiseration on Jim because of his past bad fortune. Stein besides collects butterflies and beetles, and so uses them in his analogies for everything.

Following is Doramin. He is the head of the Bugis, and is an old wise adult male. He personally knows Stein because they both were war-comrades. Doramin saves Jim after Rajah Allang captures him. Doramin is besides Dain Waris male parent, and putting to deaths Jim because of his bad opinion that got Dain Waris killed.

Dain Waris is Jim s best friend and 2nd in bid in Patusan. Besides he is the boy of Doramin, head of the Bugis. He leads the initial onslaught on Gentlemen Brown when he ( Brown ) firsts arrives on the island. He fails in his effort to acquire Mr. Brown to go forth the island. Subsequently on while he and his work forces are waiting for Brown to go through by to do certain that they leave the island. He is attacked from behind by Brown and is shot in the brow and killed. Jim goes to Doramin to offer himself as a forfeit, because of Dain s decease.

Now lets talk about Jim s lover, Jewel. She meets him when he takes the occupation as trading station director. Jewel has a fright that whoever she falls in love with will go forth her. Because that is her and her female parents past history with work forces, she makes Jim promise that he will ne’er of all time leave her. After Dain s decease she encourages Jim to contend for his life, because she doesn t want him to go forth her, but Jim tells her that he would non be deserving holding unless he did go forth her. So he goes and makes damagess by being killed by Dain s male parent, Doramin. Jewel is bosom broken and leaves the island because she no longer has Jim to protect her.

Last but non least is the bad cat of the narrative, Gentleman Brown. He is a plagiarist who has had jobs with the Spanish Government. He flees to Patusan trusting to steal commissariats. Although he has been forewarned against stealing from the Bugis, he arrives at the island and attempts to steal from them. He is foremost confronted by Dain Waris and his work forces. Gentleman Brown negotiates for his life with Jim, and because he is besides a white adult male, he is able to go forth the island without any injury to him or his work forces. As he is go forthing, he comes across false information that leads him to believe that Jim will assail him while he is go forthing. He takes a detoured path and comes up behind Dain Waris and his work forces, and surprise onslaughts them and putting to deaths Dain Waris. He escapes from the island merely to be caught by the Spanish authorities. He bribes his manner out of gaol merely to decease a long and painful decease shortly afterwards. On his deathbed he tells Marlow what happened at Patusan, but does no

T uncover how Jim died.


There are many possible subjects in the book Lord Jim. The most present subject is Jim s stuggle against himself and the picks he has made. He dreams and longs to be known as a hero, but the clip he spends woolgathering he loses the chance to do his dreams come true. For illustration, while on the Patna, he misses his chance to do the right pick of remaining on the ship and salvaging the Pilgrim s lives. His failure in making so follows him wherever he goes. He fears anyone that knows of his failure and so, while at any occupation whenever person comes into port that knows of his dark past he instantly quits and leaves so that he does non hold to confront world. Alternatively of facing and confronting up to his error, he runs and contemplates over it, which merely makes affairs worse. When he thinks about the yesteryear, the hereafter is non in position, and the right picks that need to be made to supply a better hereafter are pushed aside and non paid attending to. This subject ends up killing Jim at the terminal of the book. While he is confronting the hereafter and seeking to make up one’s mind on the program of action that is best to take against Brown, he is still fighting over his dark failure. He makes a bad pick and as a consequence gets his best friend killed. So for the first clip in his life he makes the right determination because he is no longer believing about his yesteryear, but about his friend s decease, and in making so makes the right pick to take duty for and faces it. Even though the pick he makes putting to deaths him, he ownes up to his error alternatively of running from it.

A New Ending

This new turn to the narrative begins right before the portion of when Jim sends Tamb Itam to advise Dain of the new information:

Jim takes the advice of Jewel and does non take active bid of the ground forces. While Jim is looking over a map, he receives word from Doramin that he agrees, and will let Brown to go through and go forth unharmed. Unable to happen Tamb Itam he decides to travel and state Dain Waris of the intelligence. But, in his speedy issue he forgets the Ag ring in his collapsible shelter. When he arrives at Dain s cantonment he is tells him to let Brown to go through by unhurt. Dain relieves his work forces, all except three of them. Those three are positioned in trees so that Dain and Jim can be notified of Brown s reaching. Jim rapidly decides to hold all arms hidden and set away.

When the surprise onslaught comes from Brown many work forces are killed. Dain is shot in the leg and Jim remains unhurt since he stays inside the chief collapsible shelter. He stays at that place because of his promise to Jewel to remain inactive. He is brought out, tied, and is questioned as to why he went back on his word. When he responds, Gentlemen Brown does non believe him. But because he is a romantic and compassionate adult male, he decides to liberate Jim and Dain Waris. Brown s concluding behind this is that he knows that now nil can halt him from taking over the island, particularly with the aid of the Rajah Alling. He warns Jim that if he comes across him once more that he will kill him. It is at that minute that he realizes that he left his ring back a the compound. With that pealing comes power. If Brown gets his custodies on it there is no stating what he could make. He tells Dain to give him his arm and to head back to the compound every bit fast as possible. He besides gives him the instructions to seek and reach the Spanish Government and state them that Gentlemen Brown is here. While Dain caputs back to the compound, Jim sneaks up on Brown and is able to acquire one shooting off to seek and kill him. He halfway succeeds. He hits Brown in the side but Brown is still alive. His lesion is a fatal one and he commands his work forces to trail after Jim and kill him. Jim flees back to the compound of his work forces while the plagiarists are hot on his trail. Jim reaches the station merely in clip and is able to be protected inside its walls. While his work forces fight the plagiarists, he finds the silver ring from Stein and topographic points it on his finger. He has taken back his promise to remain inactive in the battle. He takes up his arms, and heads out to contend. When he opens the Gatess he realizes that the work forces are at a base still. When the work forces separate, out of the crowd appears Brown, being carried by two of his officers. He is placed before Jim and has an interesting treatment. Brown tells Jim the whole full apparatus, and to be careful of the Rajah.. Just as he dies he says bury about your yesteryear, you have a bright hereafter here. Fight for it, and live for it. Don t allow anyone state you different. Then with his last breath he says the people are destitute, they need a King, Take the throne Lord. And at that point he dies. Jim thinks about what has merely taken topographic point, about the yesteryear, and the hereafter. He realizes what Brown has told him is true. From that twenty-four hours frontward, the island of Patusan was ne’er the same. Nor would it be every bit long as LORD JIM ruled over his people and protected them.

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