Lord Jim Essay Research Paper The novel

8 August 2017

Lord Jim Essay, Research Paper

Lord Jim Essay Research Paper The novel Essay Example

The novel & # 8220 ; Lord Jim & # 8221 ; by Joseph Conrad is a narrative about a crewman named Jim who has to travel through life seeking to set a horrid act of cowardliness behind him. He has no topographic point to name his ain, and it seems as though his history follows him everyplace he goes. This makes it hard to maintain a occupation because non merely does everyone cognize what he did, but besides he knows that they look at him ill.

Jim ever wanted to be a crewman. He loved the sea, and so he entered a preparation plan for merchandisers where he excelled. He was injured while on board, and this sets up the narrative to hold Jim aboard a boat called the Patna. This boat held 800 Moslem pilgrims, and Jim was first mate aboard it. One dark, the ship hit something in the H2O and weakened the boat while the Moslems were asleep. Afraid the ship would drop, Jim and the other officers took a lifeboat to safety while the ship went under. They could even hear the shrieks of horror aboard the ship.

Jim went before a panel for them to find if he was guilty of go forthing them to decease or if he could hold saved them. They revoked his navel certification, and Jim & # 8217 ; s image of himself and his self-esteem were shattered. A adult male named Marlow went to Jim and spoke with him about his hereafter and even offered him a occupation. Jim accepted, but shortly after ran off because people remembered his history and he was scared. Finally, Marlow got in touch with Jim and had a occupation for him on a trading station in Africa where he could be by himself and no 1 would trouble oneself him. On the manner at that place, he was captured by Rajah Allang and his people. He escaped and made it to a folk of Malays,

headed by Doramin, a friend of Jim’s familiarity Herr Stein. He felt safe around these people, and even fell in love with one of their adult females.

When Gentleman Brown came to Patusan, he threatened everything Jim had worked for. He planned on looting the colony. Jim talked to him and promised him a safe trip down the river and promised the Malays that nil bad would go on. But the main & # 8217 ; s boy and many others were killed, and Doramin was outraged. Jim returned to the small town, cognizing he would be punished. When he got at that place, Doramin shot him in the thorax and he died.

I think the major subject of this book is courage. Jim is a good cat who made a awful error and can non forgive himself for what he has done. He made a fearful act, but that should non maintain him from traveling on, yet it does. He was non courageous, and that bugged him. In the terminal, nevertheless, by returning to the small town to have his definite destiny he shows an sum of bravery that one can non mensurate.

Conrad is seeking to emphasize the point that good people may make bad things, yet they are still good deep down. He says that other people will forgive you one time you forgive yourself because the bad thing you did is non genuinely you, but a human error. It is pointed out that your scruples should non be excessively heavy if you make a error, every bit long as you learn from it.

Lord Jim is a novel about the growing of one adult male, seeking to outrun his yesteryear, merely to happen out that you can non take back what you have done, but you can travel on. Conrad has made an effort to demo of import assurance is, and how if you can non populate with yourself, no 1 else will either.

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