Lord Of Fliez Essay Research Paper The

8 August 2017

Lord Of Fliez Essay, Research Paper

The Red Dress and The Day of The Butterfly are two really interesting narratives, written by an exceeding Canadian writer, Alice Munro. Both of these narratives are good written and can be associated with what goes on in today s society. The chief characters, human relationships, and the importance of symbolism exist, in both of these narratives, strongly. There are many similarities, and besides differences between the two short narratives, that comparison and contrast what can be viewed upon in our day-to-day lives.

The chief characters of The Red Dress is the storyteller, who s name ne’er gets revealed throughout the narrative, and the chief character in The Day of The Butterfly, Myra, have many similarities. These chief characters are both females with low self-prides. Both Myra, and the storyteller have no control over their lives, and hence strive for their ain alone individualism.

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However they both suffer because of the control that their parents have over their lives. They both have few friends and strive to be popular. However until they become persons themselves they will go on to endure.

Another part to the narrative is the human relationships, that take topographic point between both of the chief characters. These character relationships are wholly different. The storyteller has many jobs with her female parent, and her best friend. The chief struggles that take topographic point between both of the narratives are the chief characters and their parents. However, one of these struggles is more seeable in one narrative than in the other. Myra s conflicting relationships with her parents are non seeable, but can be understood because her parents have left her with full duty for her younger brother. Which causes Myra to hold no

clip for herself or the people around her. Another illustration of this is the storyteller and her female parent. The female parent makes the ruddy frock for her girls foremost high school dance out of love, but she doesn t recognize the hurting that she s doing her girl. The girl feels that by her female parent doing her the frock, without any consent by herself, it leaves her with no control, or state of what takes topographic point in her life.

The chief similarity between both of these short narratives is that of symbolism. Symbolism in a short narrative or anyother sort of narrative is highly necessary for a greater apprehension of the symbolic value of the narrative. Both facets of symbolism in the two short narratives, reflect upon the chief characters life and alterations. In The Red Dress, the ruddy frock is the symbolic value. It represents the struggle between the storyteller, and her female parent. The storyteller s female parent makes the frock out of love, but the storyteller feels she s merely making it out of control over her. However in The Day of The Butterfly the cardinal symbolic value is the butterfly brooch which was given to Myra by Helen. From the butterfly s birth to it s early decease, represents the phases of Myra s hard life, as she suffered from the childhood disease, leukaemia.

These two short narratives, The Red Dress and The Day of The Butterfly have more comparings, than differences. Both short narratives are based on females with low self-prides and small assurance. Throughout the class of the narrative they both strive to happen some counsel and aid in their important lives. They are seeking for individualism, and the regard they deserve. They can happen this alone individualism in themselves, the relationships that they hold with other people, and most of all understanding their ain symbolic significance in their life.

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