Lord of the Flies

1 January 2017

What stage of Kohlberg’s Moral Reasoning do Ralph and Jack seem to be at? How about the young boys? The stage of Kohlberg’s Moral Reasoning that I believe that Ralph seem to be at would be the post conventional level, which would be stage 5 and a little bit of 6. Ralph was concern about the whole group and wanted them to stick together and wait until they got rescue. The level that I believe that Jack is in is the pre-convention level. Jack increasingly gets cruel and wild toward the end.

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Making him be in stage 1 because he wants total power and control. He punishes children and tortures the twins until they give in to his power. The level that I believe the young boys are in is the pre-conventional and conventional level, level 1-3, because they boys are trying to survive and by doing that they need to obey the rules in order to avoid punishment. They are all associate there so they have to listen to each other and they elected a leader, so they are helping them and also being helped.

Based on the stage that Kohlberg felt that most people reach, and based on the various circumstances that cause people to progress to certain levels, do you feel that the boys were above or below the level that most people reach? Kohlberg believed that most individuals would only reach the conventional level. Most of the boys are below the level that most people reach. But then again these boys are young and maybe don’t have the education to reach Kohlberg’s expectation. So in my opinion most of the boys are in the pre-conventional level.

Ralph is the only person that I think that is above Kohlberg’s expectation, because of the way he was thinking. He was thinking what would an adult do in the situation and also worry about everyone as a group. 2. Ralph appears to be demonstrating the use of one type of power, while Jack appears to be demonstrating the use of a different type of power. Describe. The type of power that Ralph demonstrates is legitimate and also charismatic. He is legitimate because he was elected by the groups of boys, so he was in control because of the title of rank.

And charismatic because he was chosen to be the leader because the boys saw that he was some to trust. They saw that he was powerful, his size and his attractive appearance. On the other hand Jack demonstrated coercive and reward power. He showed coercive because he wanted power and when he got it he made the boys fear him through punishment. He showed reward power by his ability to hunt because he rewards them with meat. 3. What moral philosophy does Ralph appear to be using, which one does Jack appear to using? The Ethical Philosophy that I believe Ralph is using is Deontological Philosophy.

He is a justice ethics. He is always thinking about what the adults would do in the situation he was in. But he always tries to do what was fair for the group. The Ethical Philosophy that I believe Jack is using is Teleological Philosophy. He is an egoistic because he only worries about himself. From the beginning he wants to be the leader and be in control. When he doesn’t he gets it, he gets fed up by the way Ralph is running things. So he decided to leave that group and start one on of his own making himself the leader. 4.

Give some examples of symbols in the story that might be related to ethics. Describe. Some symbols in the story that relate to ethic is the beast, it symbolizes the boys savagery and self-morals. As the story goes on you hear more about the beast and more you hear about the beast the more the boys lose their social integrity. Another symbol is the conch, it symbolizes social values. It inspires the boys to have a sense of order. Wherever the conch appears the boys follow the rules. And when they aren’t near the conch things seem to be out of order.

Another symbol is the fire signal. Its symbolizes the boys connection to civilization. They maintain the fire to sign to be rescued and return to society. But the boys lose the desire to be rescued and have accepted their savage lives on the island when the fire is low. 5. What is the best explanation that can be given as to why the boys acted in the manner that they did, according to what Kohlberg might speculate is the reason? The best explanation that I can give to as why the boys acted the way they did because of survival.

Both Jack and Ralph were powerful leaders but have different views on how to run things. Ralph wants to run things in a orderly matter while Jack wants to have control where everyone fears him because of punishment. And the reason why Jack wants to kill Ralph is because he feels threatened by him. According to what Kohlberg might speculate is that it might be the way they were brought up or even the way they were treated before getting to the island. Because they weren’t fully grown so they only knew some of the stages.

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