Lord Of The Flies Chapter 8 Notes

8 August 2017

Lord Of The Fliess: Chapter 8 Notes Essay, Research Paper

1. The conch being artlessly blown and

the fact that Piggy has merely one lens shows that society has begun to work

ill. The ground for this diminution in society is Jack. Jack broke Piggy & # 8217 ; s

lens, and now Jack who has power, represented by the conch, does non cognize

how to blow it decently. This tells us that Jack is an awkward leader who

abuses power and destroys cognition. To go an expert at something,

such as blowing a conch or taking a society takes clip, so this is besides

important because it shows that Jack has merely late come to power.

Because the conch and Piggy & # 8217 ; s spectacless are crippled, cognition and power

are crippled, but non yet to the full eliminated.

2. When Simon says, & # 8221 ; I think we ought

to mount the mountain. & # 8221 ; , he means that society should suppress its frights

and repossess the island.

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When the male childs foremost founded society, one of the

first things that they did was to mount the mountain and attain cognition

of the island. It is of import to observe that cognition was a precedence for

this early society. Climbing the mountain was besides a undertaking undertaken with

great enthusiasm and the offering of hope for what their society could

be. This was the extremum of their civilisation. Ever since so their society

has been & # 8220 ; worsening & # 8221 ; or traveling & # 8220 ; downhill & # 8221 ; , so the mountain represents the

& # 8220 ; peak & # 8221 ; or & # 8220 ; height & # 8221 ; of their civilisation. As the boys & # 8217 ; civilisation fell

apart, it became crude and controlled progressively by evil elements

( Jack ) . Because of this the male childs began to fear a animal. The animal was a

symbol of this death and an obstruction to the return of glorification. I say that

the animal is an obstruction because they now fear mounting the mountain, a

mountain that symbolizes the extremum of society. When Simon says that they

should mount the mountain, he is besides stating that the male childs should abandon

their crude frights and return to old glorification.

3. The new fire is symbolic because it

is Piggy & # 8217 ; s try to reconstruct society. Piggy believes that without Jack

( immorality ) , he himself ( cognition and civility ) can thrive. The first measure

that Piggy decides to take is the building of a new fire. The fire

represents the domination and use of nature and hence the

return to civility. It is of import to observe that the fire is in a new location.

The new fire represents a new society engineered by Piggy and founded upon

cognition. The fire besides represents a new hope ; the hope that the new society

will thrive, the hope that Jack & # 8217 ; s followings will rejoin society, and the

hope that they will be rescued.

4. Many people believe that the flood tide

of the narrative is when the sow is killed. When the male childs kill the sow they

take the concluding measure towards savageness. Old society & # 8217 ; s ways and civility held

Jack ( immorality ) , back from killing another life animal earlier in the book,

but now everything alterations as an full cabal of society non merely kills

the sow, but celebrates the achievement. Society & # 8217 ; s ethical motives have shifted,

and the load of guilt no longer exists, leting them to make precisely as

they please without sing the demands of each other or anything else.

At this point Jack and his male childs have become wholly barbarous. The mode

in which the male childs kill the hog is barbarous and barbarian besides ; they no longer

hold any regard for another life animal. The sow is most likely pregnant

and this tells us that the male childs would blow the lives of its piggies and

possibly waste the lives of its piggy

s and the hereafter meat that they would

likely provide in their blind lecherousness for blood. A civilised society would

carefully choice which animate beings to butcher because of moral and economic

concerns. The cabal of society that killed the hog no longer discusses

and arguments issues, but alternatively relies on its natural desires.

5. When the Lord of the Flies says that

the animal is portion of Simon, he is stating that the animal is a portion of homo

nature. The animal, nevertheless, is merely symbolic and hence does non be

as a portion of Simon or in humanity. By stating that the animal is portion of

Simon, the Lord of the Flies subtly states that humanity is comprised in

portion by all of its immoralities. It is besides true that the & # 8220 ; beast & # 8221 ; is portion of Simon,

because Simon, being human, has the ability to conceive of and contrive his ain

frights. The animal is fabricated and can non harm the male childs, yet they still

fright it. As intelligence is mankind & # 8217 ; s gift, and possibly it can be rational

and ignore such farcical thoughts of animals and other such baseless frights

( as Piggy attempted to make earlier ) , it is besides mankind & # 8217 ; s load. Other

animals do non hold the capacity to fear things that do no affect that

at a present minute in clip. Merely mankind invents animals, causes evil and

injury without cause, and frights decease. It is besides relevant that Simon is

the religious facet of this novel. Simon has known that the animal is fabricated

and possibly even the truth about what it symbolizes. Because society has

gone so far with the construct of a & # 8220 ; beast & # 8221 ; and the frights and immoralities that

it represents, all parts of society, even Simon & # 8217 ; s, have become septic.

6. The Lord of the Flies is the forfeit

that the male childs made to the animal. The animal, of class, represents their

ain immoralities, frights and other undesirables, therefore the Lord of the Fliess

represents the old society that has died because of these things. The last

line of chapter eight is stating us that Simon, who portrays the spiritualty

in society, has now been swallowed by the frights and immoralities of his society

that has deteriorated to such an extent as to non merely make a & # 8220 ; beast & # 8221 ; ,

but to go it. Simon is the weakest member in this society, as is spiritualty,

shown by his continual fainting. After he is swallowed by the animal and

swoons, spiritualty on the island is coming really near to deceasing. Golding

is seeking to state us that spiritualty is the weakest facet of a society.

Even as faith is prevailing in many societies, it becomes dominated

non by persons seeking enlightenment, but by corruptness and dictatorship,

as happened in mediaeval times. Religion frequently is manipulated by those in

power and abused as a tool to command the hapless through methods such as

fright tactics. Basically, the spiritualty people are born with is necessarily

controlled and manipulated because it is weak and ill-defined. I believe that

Simon does non so much represent a individual set of spiritual beliefs, but

more the Godhead spiritualty, lovingness, and forgiveness that we are born

with. Possibly the book is every bit much about the affects of society on an person

individual as it is approximately society as a whole. When the pestilence that society

frequently creates infects a individual, such as Simon, the individual & # 8217 ; s spiritualty

is easy conquered and replaced by immoralities and fright. I hence believe

that this book can be examined on two graduated tables ; the male childs stand foring society,

and the male childs each stand foring the person characters which as a whole

comprise and compete for high quality of the human mind.

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