Lord of the Flies- Summer Reading

2 February 2017

Summer Reading Journal “Lord of the Flies. ” by William Golding Chapter 1 Summary-The boys find themselves on an island and introduce their selves to each other. The two boys talk about the crash and the possibility of there being no adults, and wondering if there are any other boys that were on the plane with them.

They find a conch shell after swimming in the beach water and Piggy tells a story about a man and how he blew on the shell to make a noise. Therefore, the boys decide to try to find others by using the shell, once they starting blowing on it the other boys start coming out of the jungle.They held a short “meeting” and decided three of them were going to go on an expedition to scout out their surroundings. Response-I believe the boys are going to be disappointed to find out their on an island and begin to loose hope. I also think that there is going to be trouble later on with the whole group of boys. They are probably going to become uncivilized and slowly loose sanity. Chapter 2 Summary-When the expedition is over Ralph called another meeting and tells the boys the results.

Lord of the Flies- Summer Reading Essay Example

There are not adults on the island, and they need to find some essentials.The boys start to become startled from a story from one of the younger boys. Piggy convinces the boys there is nothing to worry about and they need to focus on surviving. Piggy tells them they need to try to build a fire, so using his glasses angled at the sun they do just that. One of the boys disappear ad Ralph pretends that nothing has happened but he is ashamed. Response-I believe that the numbers are going to start decreasing more rapidly as the nights go on. It will probably soon turn in to a “Witch hunt,” of sorts.

They are going to start killing others because they believe that them to be guilty.I hope that some of the boys will make it off this island alive. Chapter 3 Summary-Jack is trying to hunt a pig and sadly, he fails and mean while the other boys are making huts. The younger boys are playing in the water, and Ralph becomes angered at the empty promises that he hears at the boys meetings. Ralph is griping about the food, the nightmares of young ones, and the lack if work shown. Ralph and jack begin to bicker, trying to rebuild the friendship, they go swimming and it only makes the feelings stronger. Simon is walking alone in the woods helping the little ones.

He stumbles upon a beautiful scenery and decides to take it all in and sit down for a while. Response-The boys are already getting irritable with each other and at this point, it could get much worse if they continue on this path. I think that if things do not start changing the group is going to break into smaller ones. They may become rivals. Simon is probably going to be killed if he keeps walking off alone. Chapter 4 Summary-The boys start to get use to the island life. The group starts to get bad visions as they nap or sleep.

The little ones are mostly eating fruit and playing all day.The fruit begins to cause stomach ailments. The older boys start to torment the little ones by ruining sand castles and throwing rocks but making sure to miss. Jack obsessed with killing a pig brings some boys into the woods and goes for a hunt. A ship is coming up on the horizon when Ralph looks for the signal fire that the hunters were suppose to keep up and its not there. He becomes enraged, and when the hunters return they are covered in blood and rejoicing. Piggy was whining about the fire when Jack slapped him so roughly that one of the lenses of his glasses shattered.

Ralph scolds them again and Jack apologizes to Ralph but to Piggy. The boys eat and Ralph calls a meeting on the beach. Response-The boys are growing hostel towards each other and making enemies amongst themselves. They are slowly loosing sanity and human characteristics. The boys are probably going to begin to argue about the food. I think that at the rate their going it will take less then a week to break them. Chapter 5 Summary-Ralph walks on the beach thinking about many things that a weighing on his mind.

He blows on the conch to call a meeting, to discuss the problems.The little ones nightmares for example, one of the little ones claim to have seen a beast. The larger boys run into the dark woods over something that might not even exist. Ralph considers giving up leadership but convinced not to by Simon and Piggy. The boys are woken up by the echoing sounds of crying from one of the little ones. Response- The little ones nightmares are getting worse, and some are claiming to have actually see beasts. This is raising emotions and fears in the other boys in the group.

The lack of sleep is going to start to get to these boys, and now they have to find the child who is crying.Chapter 6 Summary-The twins are watching the signal fire and they fell asleep and were not aware of the ongoing war above them. The fighter planes have a dogfight and one parachutist being ejected and is killed as he lands being tangled in the tress. When the boys awake, they tend to the fire, the parachutist body cast a ghostly shadow on the ground, and the twins mistake it for a beast. They run back to Ralph and the others and tell theme about what they saw. The boys decide to search the island for monsters. They all go except for piggy and the little ones.

Response-In the jungle at night is not a place for anyone much less these boys, as they venture out with fear in their hearts I’m worried something bad is going to happen and the are going to loose a lot of boys. The Effort put into this is just wasted energy. The boys are going to be lost or split up. Possibly even killed or worse murdered. Chapter 7 Summary-Ralph and the other boys are scouting out the island looking for “Monsters. ” They stop to eat in the woods, Ralph is getting down about the way the group it going and Simon cheers him up.They go on another hunt and are reenacting the kill they are pretending one of the boys and they nearly kill him forgetting it is only a game.

One of the boys suggest that next time the use a real pig and Jack says lets use a little one instead. Ralph reminds the group it is just a game. Some of them volunteer to go back to tell the others they will be back in the morning. Jack convinces Ralph to go up the mountain with them instead of going back. The boys come across an ape looking shadow and go back to tell the others of the beast.Response-I think that the little ones are becoming a target to the older boys for sick games. I believe that something bad is going to happen to them very soon.

I am also worried for Ralph going along with the other two boys considering the circumstances. Chapter 8 Summary-The next morning the boys are all talking about the beast that they claimed to see the night before. Jack tells the other boys about Ralph refusing to climb the mountain because he was scared. He told the rest of the boys they should vote Ralph out of power when the boys reject jack suggestion he become extremely angry.He declared he was leaving and who ever wanted to come was welcome. That night some of the boys snuck away to join jacks group. Jacks group kills a pig and puts its head on a stake for a sacrifice to the “Beast.

” Mean while, Jack’s group raids the beach and Simon, goes back to his place that he admired nature’s beauty and found the pig head. He had a hallucination of the head talking to him and he fainted. Response-I was not surprised at the group splitting but I thought it would be piggy getting mad at Jack. The violence is really starting to set in now especially between Jack and Ralph.I think the two groups are going to start a war for food and territory. The human characteristics and morals are almost completely gone now and other’s sanity is drifting farther and farther. This is going to be a sad ending.

Chapter 9 Summary-Simon wakes up with a bloody nose and stumbling, he finds the parachutists and vomits. He cuts down the man to show them it was not a beast but simply the man. All of the other boys are having a feast together, on the pig, they killed previously and Simon walks out of the darkness.Jack is covered in paint like a savage and tells the boys to do a hunting dance. When the boys see Simon they do not recognize him and begin to peruse him, they viciously start to rip him apart with their bare hands and teeth. His cries of pain and desperation do him no good he trips over the rocks and lands on the beach and the boys kill him. The boys run for shelter as the rain pours down it washes away the remains of Simon and the parachutist the see this and run away screaming into the darkness.

Response-The savageness of the group has taken over and the real killings begin.I think the longer they are trapped on this island the more vicious these killings will become. Ralph group better be prepared for what is most likely coming next. The insanity is overwhelming and frankly shocking to see just how easily a human mind is ruined. Chapter 10 Summary-The next morning Ralph and piggy wake up bruised and ashamed of the actions from the previous night. Ralph is hysterical about the murder and piggy is trying to convince him nothing has happened. Jacks group truly believe Simon was the beast and ties up a little one and beats him they declare that the beast can take on any form.

LAfter on that day Ralph’s group makes a fire and then is attack, he is confused as to why they would have willingly shared the fire but piggy knows why, they stole his glasses and the power to make fire. Response-Seeing as jacks group has attacked Ralph’s I believe vengeance is not very far behind. They have already gone to the lengths what has to say they will not go farther. The violence is probably going to get worse and the groups are going to end up killing each other. Chapter 11 Summary-The boys try to build a fire in the cold and find it is impossible without the glasses.The boys have a meeting and decide to go reason with Jack. When they get to the camp Jack has armed guards waiting and they order him to leave while throwing stones.

Then Jack and his hunter come out of the woods and they argue. Jack demands Ralph to leave and Ralph demands to give back piggy’s glasses they break into a fight. Jack yells to his hunters to capture the twins and Ralph attacks again. Jack pushes a large rock down the mountain just missing Ralph but knocking down piggy and sending him to his death.Ralph ran away and Jack began to torture the twins forcing them to join his side. Response-I think Ralph is going to come back and try to kill jack for pay back. The twins with probably rebel within the group and help Ralph fight.

I would hope the groups could just get along again to survive the predicament but it looks like only a few boys will survive. Chapter 12 Summary-Ralph hides in the jungle and thinks about all the death and realizes that all visions of civilization is now gone. He stumbles across the pigs’ head the “Lord of the flies,” just a skull now.He is mortified at the sight and out of anger takes the stick, which the skull was impaled with, as a weapon he plans to use on Jack. That night he goes back and finds the twins guarding the camp and they give him food but refuse to join him. He decides to sleep in a bush but wakes up to jack torturing one of the twins to find out where Ralph was hiding. Then Ralph realized they were trying to smoke him out with the rising flames.

He fights his way past jack and some blood-covered hunters they chase him all the way to the beach where he collapses to the ground.Then Ralph looks up to see a naval officer who explained that he saw the flames of the fire. The officer looks at the boys and believes it is just all fun and games until is he told the truth. He is astounded at how quickly the boys, English boys have lost the rules of civilization. The boys ashamed and overwhelmed that they are going to be rescued sob uncontrollably. Response-The author showed just how fast we can loose our wits and sense of humanity. The author reveals just what be taken out of our normal surroundings can do.

This book had a wonderful plot and a lot of imagination to create this classic.

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