Lost at the Fair

10 October 2016

Lost at the Fair Every august the family would load up and head to the big fair in Leitchfield. Always excited to get there and head to the rides while dad went to the tractor pull. It was always a great experience until the year 1993. Mom was taking me and my brothers to the rides. We had been to several was having an absolute blast. Then my world froze and I was scared for my life. We were coming out of the fun house my brothers were ahead of me and suddenly I couldn’t find them.

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I looked in front of me then behind me no where’s around I decided to take the exit and go to my mom. I thought she’d be right around the corner, but when I rounded it she was no where’s insight. I started walking around scared and crying I couldn’t find my mom no where’s. Suddenly this woman came to me. I wasn’t sure if she was going to help me or take me she was just a stranger. Luckily this was a very sweet woman who took me to the announcer box; she was going to help me get back to my mom.

The announcer asked me my mom’s names and they hollered several times I was worried she couldn’t hear them and what was I going to do. Four years old in the middle of a fair with hundreds of people. Finally my aunt came to the announcer box after they assured she was my aunt they released me to her. Then out of nowhere I heard my mom’s voice hollering for me. Both scared and crying we were reunited and thankful I was safe. I learned a valuable lesson that day and I wasn’t going to wonder off anymore.

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