Lost in Life

6 June 2019

The blue birds chirping like the melody of a beautiful song.That is the only beautiful thing out in the woods, all alone.Alone, separated from my family.I wandered all around the woods checking the signs to see if I remembered the area that I was in. after the first couple of hours I realized how hard it is to stay on a given path, especially with all the obstacles in the way. Terrified and frightened I jumped and yelped at any little noise that the forest would make. The more that I thought I was going in circles the more frustrated I got. Insects were buzzing all around me.I swatted at them but it did little good.I started to wonder if I was able to get out.

I was all to familiar with being lost.My life was all jumbled and mixed up kind of like I was lost.What did I want to do when I got older?The impact of that decision would impact the rest of my life.I went over what I loved and what I did not love. Nature was a big part of my life, anywhere I went it usually had nature in it.Then I realized that I like fishing a lot.So I thought what would have fish in a college major?Then It clicked, marine biology had everything that I wanted to do when I got older so I made my choice.I then settled down and thought about how I was going to get out of the woods.I kept a calm mind because if I had a clouded mind I would not be able to think clearly.I knew that my family and I were going north based on the sun , so I started to head south back to where the trail should have been.After two or so hours I found the path we were traveling on. The moon was just starting to shine as I found my way back to the campsites. My family was by the end of the trail waiting as a team was sent out to find me.My mom was crying as was my dad the officers were brought out and then I decided that any obstacles can be overcome as long as you have a plan and a clear mind.

Lost in Life Essay Example

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