Lost in the Echo by Linkin Park

9 September 2019

Lost in the Echo is a 2012 song by American band Linkin Park. The background music is made up of fast-paced synths matched with pounding bass. The verses are rapped by Mike Shinoda, who normally does not have the lead in most Linkin Park’s songs. Chester Benington, who most listeners are familiar with, performs the chorus.

During the second time around, the chorus has a surprise for its listeners. Chester lets out a tremendous scream which echos until the next verse begins. As someone who generally does not prefer screaming in music, goosebumps quickly spread across my body. It was nothing short of amazing.

The music video for the single does not have an appearance by the band, but is an incredible work of art. The synopsis is a young man with a suitcase walks into a post-apocalyptic world where he distributes photographs to a growing crowd of people.

As the characters move into rundown rooms, they study the photographs that they received. As they hold them in front of their eyes, magnificently, those seen in the pictures appear before them.

The characters have a strong reaction to this, where they cry out as the first scream erupts, as if they had once had a connection with who appeared in front of them. At the end, the photos fade to a blank canvas and those holding them crumble to dust.

The man with the suitcase is seen placing photos now containing the faces of who he originally gave the pictures into his suitcase and walks away, presumably heading to another location.

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