Lottery Essay Research Paper Shirley Jackson

8 August 2017

Lottery Essay, Research Paper

Lottery Essay Research Paper Shirley Jackson Essay Example

Shirley Jackson & # 8217 ; s “ The Lottery ” and Flannery O & # 8217 ; Connnors “ A Good

Man Is Difficult To Find ” are narratives that trade with adult males inhumaneness to adult male by

illastrating different state of affairs, but lead to the same decision and with no

idea of the effects. Jackson and O & # 8217 ; Connor use cardinal characters to demo

how adult male has the power to falsify world into something the people accept into

mundane life. Jackson uses tradition in “ The Lottery ” when she uses

Mr. Summers as the announcer of the lottery every twelvemonth. Mr. Summers was a individual

who believed in the lottery and ne’er thought of stoping this tradition. Every

twelvemonth Mr. Summers spoke about doing a new box, but no 1 liked to upset even as

much tradition as was represented by the black box. When the people were asked

to acquire in similar to pick a paper, they had done it so many times, “ they half

listened to the waies, ” ( Jackson 235 ) . For coevalss the lottery was

ever performed on the twenty-seventh of June, but the orginal box was lost,

the rites were forgotten, but the villagers did retrieve to utilize rocks.

Tradition in “ A Good Man Is Difficult To Find ” O & # 8217 ; Connor goes a different

way of traditon but lead to same effects. The Misfit like Mr. Summers is

messanger of decease, but for different grounds. Like the people of “ The

Lottery ” the household in “ A Good Man Is Difficult To Find ” both have a

finish and a intent and that is to run into their shaper. The individual in

“ The Lottery ” is killed for being luckless, and in “ A Good Man Is

Hard To Find ” the Misfit was inprisoned for a ground he does non retrieve.

It was in the best manner to maintain up his repute as a slayer, to travel in front and

kill the full household, and in this manner in his head he is salvaging them from

transgressing once more. These narratives were of manupalation of the head. Jackson used two

chief characters to do the people go along and go on the lottery. The people

of the small town had been so brainwashed by Mr. Summers and Old Man Warner that

they did whatever they said to make. When “ Mr. Summers raised one manus high

and said, Adams. A adult male disengaged himself from the crowd and came

forward ” ( Jackson 235 ) Old Man Warner was the oldest individual in town and

ever talked about the lottery in that it was a good thing because when the

lottery is performed “ maize be heavy shortly. ” ( Jackson 236 ) . The people

have deficiency of independent thought when they follow Mr. Summers, and Old Man

Warner tells the villagers to complete Mrs. Hutchinson rapidly. Without hesatation

the crowd picks up rocks and get down lapidating Mrs.Hutchinson with no idea of

why or if it & # 8217 ; s even right to make this act. When O & # 8217 ; Connor had her characters

manupalate the remainder, the grandma was loudmouth, cognize it all, ever giving

her boy Bailey suggestion on how to travel about the vaction they planned. When she

suggested to her boy to travel to the house with the secret panel, she told him that

it would be a good educational trip for the kids. Bailey was non believing

for himself when he was following his female parents waies to the secret panel

house. If it weren & # 8217 ; T for the grandma

s cat Pitty Sing they would hold ne’er

come across the Misfit. When the Misfit did get on the scene he was in entire

control of his work forces, Bobby Lee and Hiram. The Misfit was in charge of everything

that went on from that minute on. The lone clip in the narrative that he was a

follower or lacked the indepence to inquiry, was when he was inprisoned for

something he could non retrieve. The lone thing he was told was that he killed

his male parent and that prison had documents on him. The Misfit blames the penatentary

for the manner he acts and his actions. “ The Lottery ” is a narrative that was

about self-preservation of 1s self. Old Man Warner had lived 77

old ages and had ne’er been the chosen one, so he was ever for the lottery. To

him the lottery was non bad because he was ne’er the 1 to pick the black

marker. Mrs. Hutchinson was the one chosen and was seeking to acquire her married

girls to pull with them. “ Theres Don and Eva, ” Mrs. Hutchinson

yelled, “ Make them take their opportunity. “ ( Jackson 236 ) . She was believing

if they could pick so they would be the 1s that picked the black grade. Mr.

Hutchinson on the other manus did non talk or even seek to take her topographic point in the

lottery, “ Bill Hutchinson went over to his married woman and forced the faux pas of

paper out of her manus. Bill Huthinson held it up, and at that place was a splash in the

crowd. “ ( Jackson 237 ) . When the household was chosen everybody in the small town

were relieved and started to inquire which household had been chosen. When Mrs. Dunbar

had found out who it was, as though sword lily it was non her household, “ Travel state

your male parent, ” Mrs. Dunbar said to her older boy. ( Jackson 236 ) Selfishness

was used in A Good Man Is Difficult To Find in a different manner by different

characters. When the kids told the grandma, “ If you don & # 8217 ; t want to

travel to Florida, why dotcha stay at place? “ ( O & # 8217 ; Connor 568 ) They were believing

that the grandma possibly would destroy the trip for the remainder of the household. The

grandma was non the lone victim in this narrative, her boy Bailey had to hear

her complain about where they were traveling and she merely wanted to travel to east

Tennessee for herself to run into up with her connexion. On the other manus the

Misfit used selfishness for the incorrect ground and that was for his ain benefit in

that he thought he was everybodys savior. In his head he was above everybody and

that what he was executing was that individual wanted to be saved from future

transgressing. The grandma idea if she could non salvage her household, so she is

traveling to seek to salvage herself. When she was prophesying to the Misfit and told him

that he was one of her kids and she reached for him, the Misfit got startled

and shooting her, because she got excessively close. Man is far off from a universe without

force and these are some of the grounds people maintain making all the things that

we read about or hear, or even see on telecasting. Man might, one twenty-four hours, be able to

unrecorded with each other if we can acquire over the bias and thought of where were

headed if we don & # 8217 ; t alter our ways. There were many elements that were used in

both narratives, but the 1s writen in this paper were the 1s that to me were of

more imprtance.

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