Louis Riel Essay Research Paper Louis David

8 August 2017

Louis Riel Essay, Research Paper

Louis Riel Essay Research Paper Louis David Essay Example

Louis? David? Riel? s function in the Confederation of Manitoba

When people hear the name Louis Riel, some fill up with choler

and others fill up with a grateful sense of felicity. Louis was Metis,

this was the merchandise of a Voyageur and Indian adult females holding a babe. A

Voyageur and a Indian adult females acquiring together back so occurred

during the clip the Hudson Bay company and the Northwest were

seeking for pelts. The Voyageurs wanted to stay friends with the

American indians so they married the Indian adult females. Louis was born in 1844. He

was a adult male who stuck up for the rights of his people. In this essay I will

entice you on how Louis Riel contributed to the Confederation of

Manitoba within the old ages 1869-1885.

In 1821 the Hudson Bay company had created a brotherhood with the

Northwest. By this clip the Hudson Bay company had ruled the praries.

They were shortly in the procedure of releasing its district to the

Canadian authorities. It was like an terminal to an epoch. English Protestants

had settled on the Forks near the Red River, these Canadians wanted the

land so they could obtain political and judicial constructions with which

they were familiar with. The Metis believed that this would non prefer

their manner of life.

In 1869 the Canadian authorities sent surveyors to the settlement

before the authorities even owned the land. Louis Riel had ordered

them to halt, he was really disquieted about this. The Metis so wouldn? T

let William McDougall, the Lieutenant- Governor elect into the

settlement. Very huffy and defensive the Metis took over Fort Gary and used

it as a central office. The Canadians who were there an didn? T want to

participate were imprisoned. Louis formed a probationary authorities to

negociate the settlements entrance into Confederation, he knew that the

& gt ; Metis ideas and thoughts would be bypassed. A list of rights were made

by the authorities and sent to Ottawa. The captives would be let free if

cipher interfered with the probationary authorities. One of the captives

did be after an onslaught nevertheless, a Thomas Scott was so recaptured and


Ottawa received the list of rights and had passed the Manitoba Act

on May 23, 1870. Manitoba was entered as the 5th state on July

15, 1870. Amnesty was awarded to the whole rebellion except Louis. He

became an expatriate, of class he was really disquieted about this. He changed his

name and went to Montreal where he was interned in a infirmary for the

mentally ill. After his release in 1879 he finally moved to Motana

where he married a Marguerite Monet and had two kids.

In 1884 he was asked by a Mr. Gabriel Dumont to come to

Saskatchewan because the Indians were hungering and the Metis lands

and rights were being usurped. He agreed and went back to his Rebels to

assist them contend the authorities with the aid of the Indian Chiefs Big

Bear and Poundmaker. Eight thousand military personnels were organized to contend

the Rebels, they fought at Duck lake, Fish Creek, and Batoche. During

this conflict Louis surrendered to a General Middleton. He was tried and

found guilty. On November 16,1885 he was hanged.

I hope that during the reading of this essay I have explained how

Louis? David? Riel contributed to the Confederation of Manitoba. I

Don? T know if Louis should of or shouldn? T of been executed. What I

mean is that I know for what he did for his people he should non hold

been executed for, but the fact that he was makes the whole issue all the

more of import and religious. He died to do life easier for his chap

people and in the procedure he established Manitoba as a state.

Thank You.

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