Love And Devotion Essay Research Paper Love

7 July 2017

Love And Devotion Essay, Research Paper

Love And Devotion Essay Research Paper Love Essay Example

Love and Devotion

Dan and Ann had been waiting for this clip of all time since they fell in love two old ages ago. They were traveling to hold a babe. The gestation had been a perfect one. Dan took really good attention of Ann and the babe for he was a devoted hubby, and had made Ann eat healthy and exercise really good. Everything had been great. One twenty-four hours Dan was half was through a meeting when he received a phone call from Ann. She told him that her H2O had merely broken and her contractions were already truly strong. He knew that he would non be able to acquire place on clip to take her to the infirmary, so he called 911 and have an ambulance sent to his house. Since he couldn? t be at that place for her, he stayed on the phone with her until she told him that the ambulance had arrived and so he raced to his auto.

When he arrived, he saw Ann being wheeled on a stretcher. He rushed to her side. Then nurses rapidly moved her up to the pregnancy ward and into her room so they could acquire her hooked up to the proctors to see how she and their babe was making. Once the nurses got her hooked up to the proctor, they noticed that the babe? s pulse was really weak. Dan kept inquiring them what was incorrect and they kept stating him that he would hold to wait for the physician to come. Ann kept shouting from the hurting and kept inquiring for something. The physician eventually came over and explained to them that their babe? s pulse was excessively weak to be delivered of course. He was traveling to hold to make an exigency C subdivision on her. Ann asked him if her babe was traveling to do it and he reassured her that they could hold their babe out every bit shortly as possible.

As Ann was being rushed up to the operating room, she couldn? T aid but get down weeping. Her gestation had been so fantastic and she was ready to get down a new life with her kid and

now this was go oning and she didn? Ts know why. Once they got her prepped, they allowed Dan to be by her side. The babe was holding a harder clip with each go throughing 2nd. Once the physician opened up Ann, he hurried and got the babe out. The nurses instantly took the babe over to another tabular array and started working on it. Dan was worried because he hadn? t heard the babe call yet, but the physician reassured him that the babe was traveling to be all right. Then he went off to look into the babe and came back in a few proceedingss with a really heavy expression. With a suspiration, he told Dan that their babe had merely died because he wasn? t a healthy one to get down with.

Dan was about to conk and wanted to decease, but he couldn? T because of Ann. He knew how devastated Ann was traveling to be. So he decided to be strong and take good attention of Ann. He thanked God that at least Ann was safe. With heavy stairss, he went out of the exigency room.

It was later that twenty-four hours when Ann had woken up from the surgery. She was peacefully lying on the bed non cognizing anything. He walked over to her and took her manus in his. She looked at him and smiled. He smiled back at her faintly and looked into her eyes really earnestly. She sensed that something was really incorrect so she asked him what the affair was. Keeping back the cryings hotfooting through his eyes, Dan told her what had happened. He told her that God had chosen to do their babe a guardian angel, merely as God had chosen them to happen one another and autumn in love. Ann let out a loud call and didn? t halt for T along clip. Dan merely held her close and allow her call in his weaponries. At last Samantha stopped and said, ? You did everything you could, Dan. You were a devoted male parent, loyal to the babe and me. Our babe is likely really thankful for what you have done for us. You have done all your responsibilities as hubby and male parent and I thank you for that. I love you, Dan? ?

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