Love And Lust Essay Research Paper Love

8 August 2017

Love And Lust Essay, Research Paper

Love And Lust Essay Research Paper Love Essay Example

Love and Lust

Love and lust are two really strong words with really strong significances. In this category we discussed whether or non the two are related. Love and lust are two words that go manus and manus in relationships. They are emotions that are interlocked with one another. Without one it is difficult to hold the other and it besides seems that in order to be in and remain in love, one must want or crave after their spouse. Without that desire, love and the wanting to be with one & # 8217 ; s spouse can melt away. In relationships both must be present, but it is of import to understand these emotions and maintain them in balance. It is besides of import to understand their similarities and their differences. Although they can both be defined utilizing the word yearning, love involves much more, including committedness. Lust is an emotion that can merely come and travel in the wink of an oculus and it is of import, as with any emotion to command lecherousness.

The word lecherousness normally has a negative intension. Bing brought up in church I ever thought of lecherousness as a wickedness that should ne’er be indulged in. However, after a batch of idea and development of my relationships, I have found that lecherousness is non ever a bad thing. Many of my schoolmates looked at the word lecherousness and idea of it simply as holding a sexual significance. All words have more than one significance and lecherousness is the same manner. Lust can be defined as sexual attractive force or it can merely be the intense yearning for person else. I would trust that if I got married I would long after my partner. If you define lust as simply sexual attractive force it will ever hold a negative significance and simply craving after one & # 8217 ; s spouse is non plenty for the relationship to last. I agree with my schoolmates that a relationship should non be based entirely upon sexual feelings. I besides liked the thought of proving a relationship. A classmate wrote that he one time went for a long period of clip without holding sexual dealingss with his girlfriend. He said that this made him experience nearer to her and recognize that sex wasn & # 8217 ; t everything. I think that more college pupils need to understand that all relationships should non be based on sexual desires entirely. In order to maintain that relationship traveling it takes a batch more, love must be present. Love involves caring deeply about person. It means seting them foremost in your life. One of my schoolmates mentioned lecherousness for person other than one & # 8217 ; s spouse. They wanted to cognize what happens when you are already in a relationship and you find yourself craving after person new. I think that this sort of lecherousness is a bad thing to acquire started in. I besides believe, with another schoolmate, tha

T there will come a point if it hasn’t already, that you will be so involved with your spouse that you will non desire to be with anyone else. I believe that it is all right to look but ne’er touch. I besides think that it is merely natural to look at person attractive when they pass by you, but that your love for your spouse and the lecherousness you have for them will excel any feelings of rolling for the minute. It seems that lecherousness is a sudden emotion whereas love comes at a much slower gait. Lust can be a reasonably shallow emotion that can easy be controlled or if non, it can destroy relationships. Infidelity and divorce are some of the effects of non commanding the emotion of lecherousness. Craving can besides do people to make things that they might non normally do. I can retrieve sitting in church and hearing to the curate talk about lecherousness, except he related it to objects non relationships. He said that craving after person else’s ownerships can take to much greater wickednesss such as slaying. The point of this discourse as I saw it was to command your emotions. Every emotion if let tally ramped, can do serious harm to others and to one’s ego. Lust, although holding many negative significances it can besides be a really positive emotion to hold. It can be the beginning of a durable relationship. For illustration if you walk into category and sit following to person that you are attracted to so you might get down a conversation with them, which could take to something more. I don’t think that many relationships start between two people that are non attracted to one another. As clip goes on love might develop but it is the initial lecherousness that draws two people together. Love is besides what keeps people together long after a person’s looks have faded off. I think about my grandparents who have been married for over 50 old ages now and I wonder about whether or non they still lust after one another. My feeling is that they still do but that their love for each other is what keeps them together on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing.

Love is a deep emotion that takes clip to develop. Lust is a portion of love but merely a little portion. It is of import to understand that lecherousness is a fleeting emotion and that love is the lone true thing that will last. It is besides of import to hear other people & # 8217 ; s sentiments on the topic of lecherousness and love in order non to go shallow minded. When we think that there is merely one manner of believing about things, we set ourselves up for problem. In relationships it is of import to equilibrate the emotion of lecherousness. We should all endeavor to hold the sort of relationship where our eyes don & # 8217 ; t inquire because the individual we are in love with will ne’er compare to the individual walking down the street.

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